NCBA: ADM's Chris Hagedorn speaks about efficiency, AminoGain

New tools for farmers and ranchers to improve production efficiency
calendar icon 7 March 2022
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Chris Hagedorn, ruminant manager with ADM, speaks with The Cattle Site’s Sarah Mikesell about tools for farmers and ranchers to improve their efficiency.

"Every time we talk about efficiency, we're really looking at how do we improve operational profitability for our producers,” said Hagedorn. “Whether it's a time like right now when we have significant inflationary pressure and price increases on inputs or when we're dealing with drought, we need to conserve resources and stretch them. At ADM, we go onto operations and work with cattlemen to take advantage of their resources with our products and help complement their forage resources.”

AminoGain is a precise nutrition protein supplementation, that works well in breeding stock development and growing cattle. Over the past 20 years, ADM has conducted research on the amount of amino acids that animals need to perform at their highest genetic potential. AminoGain products are formulated for lower inclusion within the diet. The days of simply providing a defined amount of crude protein in the diet are antiquated and often result in overfeeding of protein.

“AminoGain gives the producer an opportunity to conserve some money by going after those specific amino acids that can help with lean tissue and breeding development,” noted Hagedorn. “Every day, producers need to figure out ways to make their operations more profitable, and reducing some input costs, generating more sellable pounds of protein and developing these animals to where they can breed earlier and get more calves on the ground over their lifetime is the greatest opportunity that they have to put more revenue into their operation.”


Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor

Sarah Mikesell, Senior Editor

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