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UK - By Defra. This publication brings together various sources of statistics relating to the production and supply of milk and milk products. Unless otherwise stated all information is for the United Kingdom. In most cases data are shown for the milk year, which runs from April to the following March.
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In this issue:

  1. Wholesale milk deliveries.
  2. Composition of milk in the UK: Average butterfat and protein content.
  3. UK farm-gate milk prices.
  4. Availability of milk to UK dairies.
  5. Utilisation of milk by dairies.
  6. Manufacture of milk and milk products by dairies in the UK
  7. UK manufacture of cheese.
  8. UK supplies and disposals of selected milk products.
  9. Wholesale milk deliveries in the EU.
  10. Farm-gate milk prices in the EU.
  11. UK average dairy herd populations, milk yields and milk production.

1. Wholesale milk deliveries

The tables overleaf show the monthly and cumulative volume of wholesale milk deliveries in the United Kingdom and cumulative butterfat content for the current and previous milk years. The data are the aggregate results from the monthly MQ12 returns made by milk purchasers to the Rural Payments Agency. It is only a guide to show trends in milk production. The final levy position cannot be calculated from the data as this will depend on a number of factors, including:
  • the final volume and the final weighted average butterfat content of wholesale deliveries, as reported to the Rural Payments Agency;
  • whether or not the UK as a whole exceeds the butterfat base (which is currently 3.97%)
  • temporary and permanent conversions;
The data are subject to confirmation and may be amended. The data may include estimates for purchasers that have not yet supplied returns.
In February 2007, daily production was 0.4 million litres lower than in February 2006 at 36.9 million litres. The graph below illustrates the average daily production of milk.

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March 2007

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