Leading dairy farmers managers prioritize data

Today's leading dairy farm managers use data to drive their farm decisions, streamline operations and grow revenue. With the technology boom, efficiency, connectivity, and software have become necessary.
calendar icon 22 June 2022
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Dairy is no exception. Instead of being caught off guard, some producers have capitalized on new opportunities and information tools to ensure their farm thrives. Let us look at three questions, the answers to which help leading dairy producers prioritize data management:

1. Does this data enhance cow-related processes by making them more straightforward or precise?
2. Will this data management step impact productivity?
3. Will these technologies enable us to grow?

Data-driven cow care

Animal performance data overwhelms many dairies. Electronics in parlor and activity systems can generate hundreds of data points every day. Genomics and DHIA records offer high-quality information to make decisions. However, information should be integrated into decision-making on the farm without increasing the complexity of work.

Data that provides guidance is relevant and meaningful. Many processes integrate dozens of data points to categorize steps in any protocol. Often the worker is responsible for following multiple steps, and some can be demanding.

Anything that limits the number of data points without impacting the process can be helpful.

Ideally, workers can utilize a single data point on a mobile device to accomplish a task. For instance, breeding lists can have one item that determines the semen type, and it's possible to update this to reflect the animal's status. There are many benefits when a single data item can summarize an entire process matrix.

Streamline operations with data

Technicians desire engaging tools that make tasks more manageable. Productive and efficient dairies use electronic data management tools like BoviSync to make processes more robust. Guidance and data entry on a mobile app simplifies data management for workers and technicians alike.

Technology shouldn't get in the way of work, rather it should enhance how work gets done. Mobile apps allow us to access up-to-date information and capture more data. And by integrating RFID tags, these tools make jobs easier to accomplish without additional data entry steps after completing work.

Grow your revenues with your data

The success of your dairy depends on strategy and execution, underpinned by quality data . Your data management plan needs to accommodate changes to your business plan. Scaling describes how your systems will accommodate these changes.

Choose the right technologies that can scale your business. Traditional premise technology limitations and total costs will often exceed cloud technologies as companies grow. Eliminate the overhead of maintaining on-premise software almost entirely by seeking software that doesn't require licensing or stringent hardware requirements.

Dairies are no different than other companies. There is a shortage of talent to maintain customized information technology on the farm. You need technology that addresses the people, processes, and controls. Seek out proven solutions to your use cases. Ask how they handle your specific needs.

Scalable data management for dairy herds

BoviSync is a cloud-native software company focused on addressing the people, processes, and controls related to herd management for dairies. The BoviSync mobile app and protocols are customizable to meet any dairy's requirements for seamless data management. Herd-related data can be integrated from dozens of interfaces. Reporting incorporates insights into processes providing robust controls.

"The comfort level with technology on dairies is highly variable,” says Clay Reese, director of operations for BoviSync. “We are successful when BoviSync is seamlessly integrated into the work on a dairy, regardless of the user’s aptitude with technology."

The value of the cloud is the ability to leverage data in new ways. Applications like BoviSync allow diverse user types in different settings to take advantage of data without the overhead. Expertise in data management is unnecessary with tight integrations into processes. Web access eliminates much of the IT burden. Consider how data management in BoviSync could change your dairy.


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