World Dairy Expo: John Deere’s Series Introduction of 6R140 & 6R165

6R series is designed for dairy farmer that spends a lot of time in the tractor doing loader applications
calendar icon 12 September 2023
clock icon 2 minute read

Lyndon McKeever, the product marketing manager for mid-tractors with John Deere, spoke with The Dairy Site’s Sarah Mikesell at the 2022 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

6 Series John Deere tractor launch

“The 6R Series is a new series we just brought out last November,” said McKeever. “It's a new product that we just introduced and along with that introduction, we enhance a lot of new features on the tractor.”

John Deere has two new models, the 6R140 and the 6R165 that were added to the portfolio. In addition, John Deere has made some changes to the cabin operating station in those tractors.

“We moved a lot of the controls that are up on the dashboard into a central corner post really clearing up a lot of visibility issues on the front of the tractor,” said McKeever. “Customers will have a lot better visibility and can see what applications are in and what they're working with.”

Along with that, John Deere also added a new electronic joystick to the command arm on the tractor. This will provide more control and functionality in the reverser as well as a reverser function that we can use for the joystick.

“The last piece I would say is on the loaders,” he said. “We added a lot of new technology to the loader package as well.”

John Deere has a new system called Dynamic Weighing System, a hydraulic implement unlock, and a level to horizon feature for customers to utilize.

“There’s a lot of great new technology with the new 6R tractors,” said McKeever.

New features will benefit the dairy producers

“With a 6R tractor, it's really our premium product in the mid-tractor lineup,” he explained. “It is really a great, comfortable tractor for a customer that spends a lot of time in this tractor, doing a lot of loader applications. It is really a great fit for their dairy livestock operation.”

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