Animal Industry Report 2007

By the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University - This article is Iowa State University's annual report of the research activities that relate to the animal agriculture industries. This report combines research reports from faculty associated with various departments on campus, including Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Animal Science, Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Economics, Veterinary Diagnostics, and Production Animal Medicine.
calendar icon 19 February 2007
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Iowa State University Extension


  • AS Leaflet-R2183 Performance of Finishing Steers Fed Modified Wet Distillers Grains
  • AS Leaflet-R2184 Value of Modified Wet Distillers Grains in Cattle Diets without Corn
  • AS Leaflet-R2185 Supplementation of Co-products for Cow-Calf Grazing Systems – Progress Report
  • AS Leaflet-R2186 Distillers Dried Grains Supplementation of Fall-Calving Cows or Calves Grazing Stockpiled Forage during Winter
  • AS Leaflet-R2187 Incorporating Condensed Corn Distillers Solubles into an Integrated Pasture and Drylot Finishing System for Feedlot Steers
  • AS Leaflet-R2188 Use of Distillers Grains in Beef Cows Grazing Cornstalks-A Demonstration Project
  • AS Leaflet-R2189 Beef Cattle Feeding in a Deep-Bedded Hoop Barn: Year One
  • AS Leaflet-R2190 Angus Dwarfism: The Short Story about ISU’s Discovery of a Causal Mutation for Dwarfism in American Angus
  • AS Leaflet-R2191 Heritability Estimates for Fatty Acid Concentration in Angus Beef
  • AS Leaflet-R2192 Does the Graders Accuracy Explain the Increase in Called Yield Grades 4’s and 5’s?
  • AS Leaflet-R2193 A Historical Summary of Iowa 4H Beef Carcass Data – 1971-2005
  • AS Leaflet-R2194 Discovery of a Probiotic to Reduce the Risk of Lactic Acidosis in Cattle
  • AS Leaflet-R2195 Estimation of the Effects of Bovine Respiratory Disease Treatments through the Feedlot Phase and the Differences among Sires of Angus Cattle


  • AS Leaflet-R2197 Estimates of Genetic Parameters for Calving Performance from Designed Selection Studies
  • AS Leaflet-R2198 Modulation of Cytokine Gene Expression and Secretion during the Periparturient Period in Dairy Cows Naturally Infected with Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis
  • AS Leaflet-R2199 Plane of Nutrition Affects Plasma Ghrelin Concentration in Neonatal Calves
  • AS Leaflet-R2200 Acute Effects of Postpartal Subcutaneous Injection of Glucagon and/or Oral Administration of Glycerol on Blood Metabolites and Hormones and Liver Lipids and Glycogen of Holstein Dairy Cows Induced with Fatty Liver Disease
  • AS Leaflet-R2201 Development of Methodologies to Reduce the DCAD of Hays for Transition Dairy Cows
  • AS Leaflet-R2202 Dealing with Sulfur Deficiency in Northeast Iowa Alfalfa Production
  • AS Leaflet-R2203 Characteristics of Separated Manure Solids following Anaerobic Digestion or after Composting for Dairy Free Stall Bedding Use
  • AS Leaflet-R2204 Prevalence of Subclinical Mastitis in Ghanaian Women Based on Elevated Sodium:Potassium Ratio
February 2007

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