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Maharashtra to Have Livestock Breeding, Dairy Coops Strenghtened

12 August 2014

INDIA - India’s National Dairy Development Board has chalked out plans to strengthen dairy cooperatives and livestock breeding in Maharashtra state.

Focused approach would emphasize on ration balancing programme (RBP), fodder demonstration, village based milk procurement system (VBMPS), pedigree selection, strengthening semen station and conserve & develop indigenous breeds, NDDB said in a statement recently.

Speaking on the plan, T Nanda Kumar, Chairman, NDDB said, "Dairy board remains committed to assisting dairy cooperatives to strengthen their business and provide better services to their members.”

The board would be implementing this plan under the National Dairy Plan Phase I (NDP I), under which 25 sub projects from 18 end implementing agencies have been approved.

These sub-projects have a total outlay of $15.53 million out of which $12.68 million would be grant assistance, whereas $2.84 million would be contributed by the end implementing agencies, NDDB statement adds.

The Kolhapur, Solapur and Pune milk unions would implement NDDB's ration balancing programme covering around 600 villages that would cover about 56000 milch animals in these milk sheds.

Under the fodder development programme, around 225 silage making demonstrations have been planned in different milk sheds.

The sub-projects of village based milk procurement system would cover about 1500 villages and enroll about 55000 additional milk producers. This programme is expected to generate an additional milk procurement of about 245 thousand kilograms per day (TKgPD) by the participating milk unions.

The BAIF (formerly Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation) semen station at Urulikanchan, Pune would be strengthened so as to raise its capacity from about 8.4 million doses per annum in the year 2013-14 to about 12 million doses per annum till the end of project year.

It has also been planned to conserve and develop the native breed of Pandharpuri buffaloes under the pedigree selection programme and establish 30 new centers in the native tracts of the breed in i.e. Solapur, Kolhapur, Satara and Sangli districts.

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

Jagdish Kumar, Editor

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