How cattle farmers can get started with environmental commodities

Since the recent passage of the US Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA) in the United States, cattle farmers of businesses big and small have been implementing changes to reduce and offset the negative effects that farming can sometimes have on the world's overall environment.
calendar icon 10 August 2022
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Many cattle farmers have wondered how to put these ideas into practice so they can start reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) too. This article will give you some ideas for actions that farmers can take right now.

How Cattle Farmers Can Get Started with Sustainable Agriculture

One way to make a positive impact on the environment is by putting sustainable farming practices into effect. Since the majority of excess gas emissions from cattle farms come from cattle manure, it’s a good place to start.

  • Specialized feed - Manure emissions can be reduced by using cattle feed specialized for reducing the number of GHGs in cattle waste, like adding a little seaweed daily.
  • Better manure transportation - Cattle manure can also be harvested and transported with techniques that keep the excess gases from being released into the air. Manure should be covered by at least 15 cm of straw to allow oxygen for microbes that can break down the methane.
  • Empty manure storage tanks - Liquid manure storage tanks should be emptied in the spring. Even emptying tanks of just 5% of stored manure can reduce methane emissions considerably.
  • Anaerobic digesters - A digester can reduce production of methane by up to 60% -- and it also helps reduce odor.
  • Wind and solar power adoption - Cattle farmers may also wish to use sustainable energy sources to power their farming tasks. Wind turbines can also be placed on open farmland with little space needed and solar panels can be added to existing roofs of barns and other shelters already on the land.

How Cattle Landowners Can Contribute to Carbon Sequestration and Make Money at the Same Time

Single.Earth is a digital asset company that hopes to encourage landowners to leave their land wild. For every 100 kg of carbon stored, cattle ranchers and farmers get a Merit token. These tokens can then be used to buy products and services or simply be converted into cash.

The project is in its beginning stages, but landowners can sign up early on Single.Earth’s website.

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