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Canadian cattle association launches new branding identity

12 July 2022
Canadian Cattlemen's Association

CCA was formerly Canadian Cattlemen's Association

The Canadian Cattle Association (CCA) launched a new brand identity, highlighting the strong and diverse group invested in raising Canadian beef.

Formerly the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, the brand refresh includes a new CCA logo created with inspiration by key elements of importance to the organisation: country, cattle, and the environment.

CCA said the refreshed logo, visual identity and positioning reaffirms its commitment to supporting communities, embracing innovation and contributing to the overall sustainability of Canada’s food system.

“For 90 years, CCA has been the voice of beef farmers and ranchers across the country,” said Reg Schellenberg, CCA president. “Our organization has grown to include the 60,000 members we represent today. It is important that our name, logo and brand also grow and be reflective of how our organization has evolved.”

While Canadians continue to take action on sustainability, CCA builds on generations of industry-wide ecological practices, which include preserving biodiversity, sequestering carbon, restoring Canada’s wetlands, upcycling resources, protecting endangered species and providing the majority of wildlife habitat on food-producing lands.

“We will continue to do what we do best – raise world-class beef for Canadians and international consumers,” continued Schellenberg. “As an association, we want to further emphasize the importance of cattle to Canada’s environment, heritage, food security and economy. Our actions reflect the desire for greater sustainability and improved food production because we want to produce beef that makes every Canadian proud.”

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