New AgriWebb Academy wants farmers achieve more with its digital platform

AgriWebb Academy hopes to facilitate the switch to digital farm management with new platform.
calendar icon 12 September 2021
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AgTech company AgriWebb has launched the AgriWebb Academy to help more farmers get to grips with livestock enterprise management solutions – from implementation on farm to levelling up their digital record keeping and insight-driven decision making.

The Academy is an education programme that upskills farm owners, managers and employees, so that their business can achieve more with digital. It consists of a series of online courses based on AgriWebb features, that will support users to increase their knowledge and optimise their adoption of livestock enterprise management technology. For larger enterprises, the AgriWebb Academy helps to ensure that all staff are using AgriWebb to its full potential.

AgriWebb, which launched in the UK last year, now has more than 1,400 users on over 850 UK farms. This spans large enterprise operations through to individual farm businesses. AgriWebb's solution enables farmers to uncover powerful insights from on-farm data, transforming everyday information into a clear path to future success. With more actionable insights in their hands, farmers can use AgriWebb to increase the profitability, efficiency, and overall sustainability of their farming enterprise.

Initial AgriWebb data from the past 30 days shows that completion of the Academy courses builds livestock farmers’ ability and confidence to use digital on farm. Individual animal setup and digital record keeping increased 180% among users who have completed the training.

Beth Cambidge, Customer Success Manager at AgriWebb, commented: “We want to support more UK farmers to build their digital skills, to increase profitability and utilise farm data to help reduce their business’s carbon footprint. With the Academy, current users can expand their knowledge at their own pace, while new users will quickly master the facets of AgriWebb that are most relevant to them.”

The Academy courses cover:

  • Farm Mapping – successful farm management is centred around every farm’s map. Learn how to mark out paddocks for your property and add farm infrastructure.
  • User Management – adding staff and trusted advisors to a farm management platform helps farmers to reap more dividends across their operation.
  • Task Management – understand how to manage day-to-day operations with GPS-enabled tasks and streamlined staff management to increase productivity.
  • Flock and Herd Management – record animal management practices at flock and herd level as they happen. Understand how to track livestock movements with a simple drag-and-drop method offline, in the paddock.
  • Individual Animal Management – learn how to set up livestock with their unique ID tags and interpret the data to uncover more opportunities to improve productivity and profitability. Support environmental sustainability by eliminating underperforming animals.
  • Inventory Management and Reporting – learn how to keep track of animal treatments and chemical inventory, logging batch numbers, withholding and expiry dates to stay compliant. Plus, how farm management software can help you to be prepared for on farm audits with accurate and simplified reports.

AgriWebb can be used anywhere, anytime, both online or offline, on a single farm or across multiple sites with multi-farm reports. More Academy courses are planned as further livestock enterprise management features are developed.

Current AgriWebb customers and those interested in the Academy can click here.

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