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UK school champions British dairy farmers in new video

17 July 2020

A Surrey school is championing British dairy farmers by producing a heart-warming video illustrating the issues facing dairy farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secondary school students at OSG Hindhead, near Guildford, decided to support dairy farmers as part of their active citizen project, due to the struggles dairy farmers have faced such as milk price cuts, and the dumping of milk brought about by COVID-19 restrictions.

As part of this, they were tasked with educating primary school students at their school about the problems facing dairy farmers.

The primary students ranging from 8-years-old to 11 then had to produce a poster highlighting what they had learned about the problems in the dairy industry and how they can generate support.

More than 55 primary school-aged children at OSG Hindhead produced posters that have since been turned into a video. A student at the school said they wanted to highlight the plight of dairy farmers and to thank them for everything they are doing.

Commenting on the video, the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) Managing Director, Matthew Knight, said: “It is great to see children as young as eight being educated about the British dairy industry, the struggles farmers face, and the importance of buying British.

“As well as being an education piece, the messages of support to our dairy farmers are heart-warming and the video creates a sense of purpose as to why the long hours, market turmoil and ongoing battles with policy, animal health issues, and finances are worth it.”

The children included information about the RABDF in their posters as RABDF is the sole UK charity focused on practical dairy farming, helping to create a profitable and sustainable sector.

The video can be viewed here.


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