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08 May 2020

New webinar featuring Kevin Dhuyvetter focuses on the economic cost of respiratory disease in diary replacement heifers.

The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association and Elanco are presenting a new webinar on 21 May at 14:00 CST.

Having a heifer calf with bovine respiratory disease (BRD) can be costly. But just how costly? Kevin Dhuyvetter, PhD, Elanco cattle technical consultant, will break down the numbers and discuss the effects of not addressing the disease head-on.

Dr Dhuyvetter will dive into both the short-term cost effects of BRD as well as the long-term effects on growth and milk production in replacement dairy heifers. New data will be shared pertaining to BRD incidence and how this impacts the cost of raising heifers with the intent to help producers make ROI-driven decisions for the years ahead when BRD is present within the herd.

“Our goal is to help producers better manage their replacement calves,” says Dr Dhuyvetter.

“Quantifying the effects of a disease will help heifer raisers make informed decisions to build the most productive dairies.”

This webinar is sponsored by Nuplura PH, the Mannheimia haemolytica vaccine from Elanco with the fastest onset of immunity. Its strong protection is ideal for cattle experiencing periods of elevated stress. The technology used to create Nuplura PH reduces the level of endotoxin and provides a unique combination of outer membrane protein and recombinant leukotoxoid for a targeted immune response.

Join the webinar to get a first look at the results from a new Nuplura PH milk yield study.


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