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Events Help Create Demand for US Beef in Shanghai’s Foodservice Sector

07 May 2019

CHINA - Working to build demand for US beef in the Chinese foodservice sector, USMEF participated in the Shanghai Nissei Food Show and sponsored a media reception celebrating a catering company’s anniversary of serving US beef.

Funded by the Oklahoma Beef Council, these two activities highlighted US top blade, chuck roll, ribeye, strip loin, bone-in short ribs and top sirloin.

Nissei Food, a Shanghai-based food distributor for hotel and catering services, hosted a food show attracting more than 500 customers and potential customers who were invited to review the company’s new meat, wine and sauce products.

Arcticold, one of China’s fastest-growing cold chain logistics and food importers and also a major US beef supplier in the Shanghai area, partnered with USMEF to provide the cuts displayed at the USMEF booth.

USMEF chefs highlighted US beef top blade for Japanese-style cooking methods like yakiniku in cutting and cooking demonstrations at the show. Samples from the demonstrations were handed out to visitors who stopped by the booth to learn about US beef.

"The show was a great opportunity for USMEF to connect suppliers with customers in a setting that allowed them to communicate directly and better understand the current market and the products available," explained Ming Liang, USMEF marketing director in China.

"Along with showing the cuts of US beef, we shared information on each cut. The interaction between everyone involved was very important and it helped build on the positive image of US beef."

In a separate activity, USMEF and QiMin, a Taiwanese catering company with three shabu-shabu outlets in Shanghai, hosted more than 30 reporters, bloggers and social media producers at a special hotpot promotional event marking the one-year anniversary of US beef on its menus.

With the motto, "pay attention to quality above everything," QiMin prides itself on presenting fresh, healthy ingredients to customers.

The reception included a dinner featuring USDA Choice chuck eye roll, boneless chuck short ribs and USDA Prime ribeye. The beef was served hotpot style – cuts thinly sliced dropped in boiling water for about 10 seconds, then paired with a variety of vegetables and sauces.

"There was a tremendous response on social media to the reception and to the hotpot dishes made with US beef," said Liang.

"We received great feedback through posts on many food sites, and it was encouraging to see the positive image of US beef shared across social media channels."

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