ABH MIRATORG Mixed Feed Production Up in 2012

RUSSIA - In the first quarter of 2012 , the overall mixed feed production volume of ABH MIRATORG reached 163,370 tons, which is 134.61 per cent higher than in 2011 when it was 69,635 tons.
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In 2012, commissioning of the third feed mill in Belgorod region with production capacity of 360,000 tons has been scheduled, giving an expected production capacity for the three feed mills in the Belgorod region of 1.1 million tons a year.

The forecast volume of mixed feed production in 2012 is 762,700 tons, which, the company says will makes it possible to provide feed for 2.1 million pigs in the ABH pig complexes in 2012. Today ABH MIRATORG is the main producer of mixed feed in Russia.

Pork production

Over a 3-month period in 2012, pork production for ABH MIRATORG reached 57,909 tons in live weight, which is 70.03 per cent higher than in the same period of 2011 when is was 34,058 tons.

The production increase of 23,851 thousand tons live weight was achieved by reaching full capacity at two production lines at the Saphonovskiy pig complex and the three production lines at Kalinovskiy pig complex, as well as by commissioning of two production lines in Novoyakovlevskiy pig complex and two production lines in Kazatskiy pig complex.

Meat processing

Production volume at CJSC Korocha pig complex and meat processing plant of ABH MIRATORG in Belgorod region reached 33,000 tons in the first three months of 2012.

This was a two per cent increase in production compared to the same period of 2011, when production reached 32,300 tons) amounted.

There was an 11 per cent increase in industrial packaged products and a 73 per cent increase in consumer packaged products.


Sales volume of ABH MIRATORG over the first three months of 2012 was 64,700 tons.

Implementation of beef production project

At present, 12 farms out of the 14 farms, built in the Bryansk region as part of the ABH MIRATORG project on beef farming development, have already been populated with the cattle. The total number of dam livestock of ABH in the region is more than 36,000 heads.
In April and May 2012, ABH is expected to receive a further 20,000 head of breeding cattle on the company's Bryansk cattle farms. By autumn 2012, dam herd will be increased and is expected to reach 80,000 head.

Before the end of 2012, ABH MIRATORG will complete the construction of 16 more cattle farms in Bryansk region.

In all there will be 33 farms together with a slaughter and primary meat processing plant in the project.

By 2014, commercial livestock on the farms will have reached 120,000 head a year. The investment is expected to reach more than 24 billion rubles.

Implementation of poultry project

In ABH MIRATORG's poultry project, a feed mill with elevator, poultry slaughter and processing complex as well as three broilers production units out of the seven planned in Vygonichskiy district of Bryansk region are at present being built.

Three more poultry production units from out of thew 12 planned for parent and rearing stock are being constructed in Trubtchevsk district.

In the spring-summer period this year, construction work on nine sites for parent and rearing stocks, four broiler poultry farms, as well as a hatchery with capacity of 75 million eggs a year is due to start.

Construction of plant for products for further processing

In Kaliningrad region, the Concordia plant for the production of products for further processing has entered the final phase of construction.

At present, work on the reconstruction of the production complex has been completely finished and the installation of a pipeline, ventilation and cooling systems and other engineering structures are 95 per cent finished.

Commissioning is scheduled for May this year.

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