Convenient Way to Grow Heavier Cattle

US - Ionophore feed additives provide a useful tool for cattle producers when added to an existing non-medicated energy, protein or mineral supplementation program. Regardless of season, including an ionophore as part of a nutritionally complete pasture supplementation program promotes increased average daily gain (ADG) — a benefit that pays off in heavier cattle.
calendar icon 30 March 2012
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Pfizer Animal Health

“Ionophores help cattle utilize energy better,” says Matthew Cravey, Ph.D., Pfizer Animal Health Cattle and Equine Technical Services. “Improved utilization of energy results in improved gains for cattle.”

Even if producers aren’t mixing their own ration or supplement, it can be simple to feed an ionophore when cattle are on grass by using a medicated block such as BOVATEC® 2.2. The convenient 44-pound block contains 2.2 grams of lasalocid sodium per pound and is designed to be used continuously on a free-choice basis, allowing cattle to adapt easily and start gaining right away.

In fact, a 15-trial summary demonstrated an 11 per cent increase in ADG for pasture cattle fed BOVATEC (200 mg/head/day) — resulting in 15 additional pounds of gain in a 107-day grazing period.

Without dedicating a large amount of time to feeding extra supplements, adding BOVATEC 2.2 to an existing nutrition programme allows producers to improve their bottom line while reducing labor and equipment costs.

BOVATEC 2.2 is an efficient and cost-effective method for delivering an ionophore so that producers can benefit from increased weight gains for grazing cattle.

“Several advantages of the BOVATEC 2.2 block are convenience and the lack of product shrink due to wind loss,” Mr Cravey says. “It won’t have the tendency to blow away in the wind like some loose minerals can if not placed in a protected feeder. Also, the addition of an ionophore absolutely pays for itself in added cattle weight gains.”

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