a2 Milk To Increase Fresh Milk Demand

UK - Responding to consumer concerns, Robert Wiseman Dairies and A2 Corporation have announced plans to introduce a new range of a2 fresh milk products that will be suitable for consumers who currently avoid dairy because of the digestive discomfort it causes them, reports Charlotte Johnston, TheCattleSite editor.
calendar icon 10 January 2012
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a2 Milk™ is pure fresh milk from cows specially selected to produce only A2 beta-casein protein, the ‘original milk protein’ which all dairy cows produced prior to a natural genetic variation which occurred several thousands of years ago which led to the appearance of A1 beta-casein protein in dairy herds.

Milk containing A1 and A2 beta-casein is a nutritious and healthy food and in Britain, most fresh milk for sale contains both types of beta-casein protein.

In Australia, where a2 Milk has been available for a number of years, many people who have self-diagnosed intolerance of milk but are not medically diagnosed as being lactose intolerant, are finding that their symptoms are improved or completely alleviated by drinking a2 Milk™.

Wiseman Dairies believes that’s because they are likely to be reacting to the impact of the beta-casein protein in milk as opposed to the lactose.

Studies have shown that as many as one in five people in Western countries believe they are intolerant to dairy and find it hard to digest milk, which stops them from benefiting from the wide range of essential nutrients that milk provides.

Marketing a2 Milk

Demand for a2 Milk in Australia has withstood the economic troubles. Graeme Jack, Communications Director for Wiseman Dairies told TheCattleSite that a2 Milk was not only the fastest growing dairy product, but the fastest growing grocery line at the moment.

"It is clearly working against the trend and this is because of fierce customer loyalty." Mr Jack said that 85 per cent of people who try the product, become regular customers.

Billy Keane, Managing Director of Robert Wiseman Dairies said: “By introducing a2 Milk alongside our existing range of fresh milk products we have an exciting opportunity to bring people back to dairy and grow the market for fresh milk in Britain. We very much look forward to working with our customers and our suppliers to introduce a2 Milk in the UK.

Mr Jack said that by bringing people back to dairy, Wiseman wants to grow the overall market for fresh milk. This will mean that marketing campaigns for a2 Milk will be directed at the 20 per cent of people who believe they are dairy intolerant.

It is hoped that Wiseman Dairies will sell 100 million litres of a2 Milk a year.


a2 Milk will be a premium product. This means that the producer will get paid more at farmgate for the milk produced, to cover the extra costs incurred at production (the segregation of milk), although Mr Jack said no premiums had been set yet.

Retail prices will undoubtedly be higher. In Australia, a2 Milk sells for double the price of regular milk.

Progress made to date

At the moment, Wiseman Dairies is looking to identify a milk supply. To do this they must identify cows with the correct genomic traits, those that possess the A2 beta-casein protein. Initial tests suggest that 36 per cent of cows are A2.

Mr Jack said that thousands of cows had been tested so far, but more tests would be carried out. He said that Wiseman Dairies is working with farmers to identify these cows, and to help farmers set up A2 herds.

A2 Milk (UK) has, this week, confirmed the appointment of Sean Uprichard as Chief Executive.

Robert Wiseman, Chairman of A2 Milk (UK), said: “Sean’s experience working in brand marketing and sales, dealing with UK retailers and operating in a JV structure combined to make him the outstanding candidate for the role of CEO.

“We are delighted to welcome him to this exciting venture as we work towards the launch of a2 Milk™ in the UK this summer.”

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