Innovacyn Expands Vetericyn Product Line

GLOBAL- Innovacyn Launches Vetericyn® Livestock Line With Pink Eye Spray, Teat Spray, and Umbilical, Navel and Udder Gel- three new one-step formulas that fight infection and accelerate healing.
calendar icon 18 August 2011
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Innovacyn Inc announced the launch of three Vetericyn® products designed to meet the specific needs of the livestock market including dairy animals, beef cattle and swine.

The new Vetericyn Livestock line includes a Pink Eye Spray, Teat Spray, and Umbilical, Navel and Udder Gel, all available in 16-ounce trigger spray bottles.

Vetericyn is a topical solution for the care of wounds, infections and irritations caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or spores.

The no-rinse solution is steroid-free, antibiotic-free and non-toxic. In solution, Vetericyn products kill 99.999 per cent of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, making the products ideal for bacterial infections.

The formula found in Vetericyn’s livestock products consists of oxychlorine compounds similar to those produced by the animal’s own immune system, and will not harm healthy tissue. The pH-neutral sprays and gels contain no alcohol or iodine, and do not sting when applied.

“I’ve been using Vetericyn Pink Eye Spray for the last month on calves, cows and bulls, with good results,” said Ruben Lopez, herd manager of Visalia, Calif.-based Elkhorn Dairy.

“We use the Spray to reduce redness and discharge, and for pain and swelling. I’m very happy to have this product.”

The Vetericyn Pink Eye Spray cleans wounds, accelerates healing of eye infections caused by viruses and fungi, and eliminates bacteria. The 100 per cent biocompatible spray provides relief from infections, stinging, itching, pollutants and other foreign materials.

It also works as a no-rinse flush to relieve irritated eyes, or debride eye abrasions and wounds in the eye region. With a trigger-spray applicator, the Pink Eye Spray is easy to administer directly to the eye.

“The Pink Eye Spray serves as a great tool in controlling pink eye outbreaks. Three simple squirts to fully flush the eye and surrounding tissue – as opposed to a subconjunctival injection – and 99.999 per cent of pathogens are eliminated,” said Scott Hand, technical manager of Vetericyn.

“The reaction to this product from herd managers has been overwhelming – they recognise the tremendous cost and time savings the Pink Eye Spray can deliver.”

The Vetericyn Teat Spray helps control the spread of bacteria that causes bovine mastitis, promotes the healing of cracked teats, and relieves teat rashes. Eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming alcohol prep pads that can facilitate cross-contamination if not disposed after use on each teat, the Vetericyn Teat Spray produces a fine mist for superior surface coverage. The no-rinse formula is biocompatible and non-toxic.

The one-step Vetericyn Umbilical, Navel & Udder Gel debrides wounds, cleans infections, and speeds healing of rashes and udder sores. The water-based HydroGel can be sprayed directly into a tented umbilical cord and massaged up to eliminate bacteria and speed the drying process.

Unlike tincture of iodine, the Gel is non-toxic and has no adverse effects on organs including the liver. The Gel can also be used directly on calves whose umbilical cords were torn off at birth, creating an effective barrier against infection. The Gel eliminates the infection and odor caused by udder sores. Finally, the safety profile of Vetericyn products ensures that employees will not be exposed to any dangerous chemicals.

Owners and herd managers can order the Pink Eye Spray (MSRP: $39), Teat Spray (MSRP: $35), and Umbilical, Navel & Udder Gel (MSRP: $43) through Vetericyn’s network of distribution partners.

To find a dealer or distributor, visit or call (866) 318-3116, and for more information about Vetericyn’s Livestock Line, go to

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