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UK - Acquisition of high quality colostrums is an important factor influencing neonatal calf health.
calendar icon 7 April 2011
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Locatim® is the only licensed standardised immunoglobulin treatment proven to reduce mortality in the calf.

Studies have shown that as many as 38 per cent of calves have insufficient levels of immunoglobulins to offer protection in the face of an infectious challenge. A wide range of maternal and neonatal factors may affect the passive transfer of immunity. Locatim is beneficial in specific ‘at risk’ cases whenever colostrum quality or quantity is known or suspected to be reduced e.g. poor teat conformation, weak calf, refusal of cow to allow suckling.

Calves of high yielding, intensively managed dairy cows are likely to ingest an inadequate quantity or quality of colostrum if left to suckle from the cow. All doses of Locatim are concentrated and standardised to produce reliable levels of stated immunoglobulins.

It is vital that specific immunoglobulins are used to provide adequate immunity. The immunoglobulins in Locatim are specific to the E.coli K99 adhesin. A single dose of Locatim is equivalent to the level of (specific) E.coli immunoglobulins present in 6 litres of normal colostrum.

Locatim is produced from donor cows free from Brucellosis, TB and ParaTB, Enzootic Bovine Leucosis, IBR, Adenovirus, Parvovirus and BSE. The colostrum used is produced from hyperimmunised cows also vaccinated against Rotavirus and Coronavirus and is also tested for freedom from BVD, IBR/IPV.

Locatim® helps provide essential protection against neonatal diarrhoea.

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