Check Pipes To Prevent Extra Bills

UK - With the recent cold weather, farmers should be checking water pipes to avoid expensive costs, advises DairyCo extension officer, Chris Coxon.
calendar icon 3 February 2010
clock icon 1 minute read

Exposed water pipes can suffer during periods of low temperatures and as Britain is experiencing the coldest winter in decades there is currently a much higher risk of damage. Hairline cracks may have developed as the water expanded during the freezing process. When the temperature rises water under pressure can escape through these cracks, as a drip or worse. This not only wastes water but adds to disposal costs due to increased volume of slurry and dirty water. Cracks in trough stanchions can lead to water logging around troughs and problems throughout the season.

“Sketch a map of your water supply so that you know where your pipes are and can check them consistently, and keep a careful note of metre readings,” advises Mr Coxon. “Also, check your metre at times of low or no use to ensure that there are no hidden leaks.”

DairyCo has produced a DIY Water Audit to help farmers assess their water use on-farm and consider potential savings in supply, use and disposal, and more information can be found in DairyCo’s booklet, Effective use of water on dairy farms. Both can be downloaded from, or ordered by calling 024 7647 8695.

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