August 2009 Livestock Slaughter in Slovenia

SLOVENIA - More cattle were slaughtered in August 2009 compared to the previous month. Slaughter of other animals, however, was lower.
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In comparison with the previous month, the August 2009 the slaughter for cattle and sheep were higher by about 2 per cent and 1 per cent respectively. In the same period, the slaughter of pigs and poultry decreased by about 10 per cent and almost 7 per cent respectively.

The total weight of dressed carcasses of slaughtered pigs was lower by about 11 per cent. The total dressed carcass weights for poultry and cattle were 7 per cent and 1 per cent respectively.

Compared to a year ago, the August 2009 slaughter of pigs was lower by about 29 per cent. However, cattle slaughter rose by about 2 per cent, and for poultry by less than 1 per cent.

The total weight of dressed carcasses in the same period is not as low as the number of slaughtered animals. The weight of slaughtered pigs was lower by about 28 per cent whereas the total weight of dressed poultry carcasses was higher by about 12 per cent and for cattle by almost 1 per cent.

In August 2009, no reports were made of slaughter of imported animals.

Slovenia livestock slaughter, August 2009
  Slaughtered animals Weight of dressed carcasses
Number Total (t) Average (kg)
Cattle 8,430 2,345 278.20
Pigs 20,587 1,645 79.90
Poultry 2,895,374 5,444 1.88

Indices of number and carcass weight of slaughtered livestock, Slovenia, August 2009
  VIII 2009
VII 2009
VIII 2009
VIII 2008
Number Weight Number Weight
Cattle 101.6 99.5 101.5 100.7
Pigs 89.9 88.6 71.5 71.8
Poultry 93.3 93.0 100.3 111.5

Weight of dressed carcass of slaughtered livestock in abattoirs, Slovenia, August 2008 - August 2009

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