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The Event

Two days we will celebrate a full year of achievements. So will the BeefSummit Brazil. An event that will bring together more than 1,000 people, the Convention Center Ribeirão Preto, Ribeirão Preto - SP, on 10 and 11 December.

Lectures, inspirational stories, knowledge and recognition to those who leave their mark in the beef production segment.

"We want the BeefSummit Brazil is a large gathering, a place where people can learn by talking, sharing experiences, meet new stories and reconnect with old friends. Let's celebrate the good Livestock and strategize for the future. See you there! "Miguel Cavalcanti.

Beef Summit Brazil - 10th - 11th December Beef Summit Brazil - 10th - 11th December Beef Summit Brazil - 10th - 11th December

Event Program

December 10 - Tuesday

8:00 pm - Registration and delivery of material

9:00 pm - Opening

9:30 pm - Livestock cutting - a work of generations - what I learned from my father and I want to teach my children
Carla de Freitas , rancher , considered the " ambassador of livestock Rondônia ."

10:10 hrs - Livestock in Group Queiroz de Queiroz : foundation for success in the past , current work and future plans - a case study of a company
Florencio Queiroz Neto , Engineer Agônomo formed by ESALQ - USP , the UFU specialist agribusiness and rural economy by UFLA . Group Director Queiroz de Queiroz and Plant Savana. With special guest Adalberto Queiroz , Florencio 's father , founder of the Queiroz de Queiroz , the discussion after the lecture . Adalberto is considered by many as an example of efficient and profitable livestock

10:50 hrs - coffee break

11:50 pm - Two generations ( parents and children) working successfully in livestock .
Daniel Wolf. Cattleman optimistic and believes in cattle in Brazil . Director of Fortuna Animal Nutrition . Graduated in Business Administration from Universidade Positivo , Curitiba - PR . With special guest Mario Wolf , Daniel 's father , rancher and farmer , Farm Gamada , Nova Canaã do Norte, MT . A pioneer in integrated crop-livestock - forest in Mt. Ex - director and director of Famato Acrimat .

12.30hrs - Time free for lunch

14:00 hrs - Fazenda Santa Barbara : the challenge of making the farm profitable - if successful 2009-2013
Patricia Goldfish , medical and rancher . Took over the farm in 2009 , but neighbors and friends did not believe in continuity. In just four years , went from improbable succession success livestock profitably.

14:40 hrs - Livestock high technical efficiency , economic and productive : business today and future vision .
Rogerio Fonseca Guimarães Peres . Veterinarian from the Federal University of Uberlândia (2005 ) , a postgraduate degree in ruminant production by ESALQ - USP (2007 ) and Master of livestock UNESP - Botucatu (2008 ) . Has experience in the area of ??animal production and reproduction , focusing on reproductive efficiency . Since August 2008 working in Agriculture Farm Brazil . Currently holds the position of Director of Livestock . With special guest Armando Braga Neto Rodrigues Pires , a partner of agriculture , the discussion after the lecture to discuss attraction, training and retention of talent in agri .

15:20 am - Coffee Break

16:20 hrs - the cattle market - trends and prospects for 2014
Fabiano Tito Rosa . Animal Scientist ( UNESP / Jaboticabal - SP ) ; Master in Production Engineering , majoring in agribusiness management systems ( UFSCAR ) ; consultant and former director of Scot Consultoria and currently head of research of Minerva Foods .

17:00 hrs - Key findings of the America I Bovina : how to make reference to Latin America in Global beef supply - special event Biogenesis Bagó
Luciano Roppa . Veterinarian graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Botucatu , UNESP ( Universidade Estadual Paulista ) . Obtained the title " Al Leman Science into Practice Award " as a veterinarian deployed worldwide in 2002 , during the Congress in the Leman Minesotta , USA . Currently holds Roppa of Consulting and specializes in the analysis of the global meat and milk.

17:40 hrs - Award Presentation BeefPoint Brazil

18:40 pm - Cocktail Tasting with Chopp Penguin + meat + Special Show Claudio Lacerda and band with the best of country music

22:00 pm - Closing of the activities of the first day of the event .

December 11 - Wednesday

8:00 pm - Reception

09:00 hrs - Scenario economics and agribusiness in 2014
Robério Coast . Chief economist of Rabobank in Brazil . Robério has extensive experience in economics , having worked in several institutions such as Fram Capital , Santander Asset Management , Citigroup , Unibanco and Banco SRL . Has MA in econometrics from the University of São Paulo .

09:40 hrs - Scenario market for poultry , pork and beef in 2014
Osler Desouzart . Member of the Advisory Board of the World Agricultural Forum, team member of The Sustainable Food Laboratory. Has his own consulting company , ODConsulting Planning + Strategy . Osler spent most of his professional life in international marketing of meat, having worked for some of the largest Brazilian industrial poultry and pig ( Sadia & Perdigao ) , occupying the board of trade . Until January 2004 he was Director of Doux Frangosul . Participated in the construction and development of Brazilian beef exports since its early stages and has held positions in several professional associations , including the ABEF and ABIPECS . She has a BA in Law from the State University of Rio de Janeiro , titration in Marketing from the Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración , Madrid , Spain , and ongoing management of export and import by IAG , the PUC in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil . He is fluent in English, French , Portuguese , Spanish and Italian .

10:20 hrs - coffee break

11:20 hrs - Certified Angus Beef : a new idea 35 years ago , and a big hit these days - how we add value to the producer , promoting a brand of beef
John Stika is the third president to lead the brand meat Certified Angus Beef , having assumed office in 2006 . Since 1999 works at the company , having started as director of relations with refrigerators and feedlots . Have experience with retail, foodservice , value-added products and international sales . Certified Angus Beef is the most famous brand of U.S. beef . Launched in 1978 , it was the brand that started the whole process of adding value and creating brands of meat in the U.S. . Born in Lincolnville , Kansas , where his family worked with livestock and grain production . It is formed and has a Masters in Animal and meat science from Kansas State University. Has a doctorate in meat science from the University of Kentucky . The lecture will feature simultaneous translation .

12.20hrs - Time free for lunch

14:00 hrs - beef producers in the U.S. : Today and Tomorrow - how to integrate different generations and what is our vision of the future
Jesse Womack . Co - founder of Ranch Network, LLC . Rancher , consultant. He has worked with selling wholesale meat in the U.S. . He graduated from Boston University and a specialization course in Ranch Management at Texas Christian University , main course of postgraduate in management for the U.S. farmer . Lives in Austin , Texas , USA . The lecture will feature simultaneous translation .

14:40 pm - NCBA : we represent producers of beef and how to promote the meat to the consumer
Forrest Roberts. CEO of the National Cattlemen 's Beef Association ( NCBA ) since January 2009 . NCBA is the leading association of cattle in the U.S. with strong representation from the government sector and Congress and also responsible for the world-famous campaign of promotion and marketing of U.S. beef . Forrest Roberts is a successful executive with over 15 years experience in the animal health industry in the U.S.. His family works with beef cattle in Uvalde , Texas , USA . Degree in Animal Science from Texas A & M University in 1992 and an MBA from the University of North Carolina . The lecture will feature simultaneous translation .

15:40 am - Coffee Break

16:40 hrs - Conscious Capitalism : what is , what change has brought , what to expect and how to apply in your business
Thomas Eckschmidt . It has been farmer , graduated in engineering from Poli -USP , took courses in finance, agriculture and ecological agribusinesse studied at Harvard in the USA . He is co - author of 4 books , published in Brazil and the USA . Won several awards such as entrepreneur of the year by SMEs Estadão . His company, PariPassu , has done groundbreaking work in animal husbandry . It is responsible for the traceability of meat produced for the Pão de Açúcar, branded Taeq . Has also won many awards such as company of the year by FGV , sustainability Estadão by SMEs and better application by Green Best .

17:30 - Resilience - what I've learned in life about how to overcome obstacles , difficulties , go in search of his dream and success
José Luis Tejon . Doctor of Education Sciences. Master in Art and Culture at the University Mackenzie . Teacher s graduate and Academic Coordinator of FGV in company of. Visiting professor at several universities in Brazil and abroad . Specializes in Agribusiness from Harvard Business School , Boston ( USA ) . In Marketing from Pace University in New York ( USA ) . In " New Media " by MIT , Boston ( USA ) and Leadership at INSEAD , Fontainebleau (France ) . Was Director of Group O Estado de S. Paul (Official Estado ) , which today is a columnist for Radio Estadão . Was Group Director Agroceres and Jet S / A. Currently a professor , consultant, speaker and writer. In total there are 30 books authored and co-authored .

18:30 pm - Closing Ceremony .

Note : the program might have minor changes.

COURSES EXTRAS - Parallel Auditorium

We will have one second auditorium with courses taking place in parallel to the event . Will be 4 courses , a period ( morning or afternoon) on both days. Wait programming courses , it will be a learning opportunity with great names of Brazilian cattle .


Award BeefPoint Brasil

The BeefPoint launches its top honor of the year to recognize and celebrate those who make a difference in beef cattle in Brazil. Our work is focused on three pillars : knowledge , relationship and inspiration. All this with a focus on a more modern ranching , profitable and efficient . Perform a prize that is a party and a tribute to those special people in beef cattle is the best way we found to bring inspiration to all involved in the beef chain . Celebrate and highlight the good examples is the way we are and why we are doing the Award BeefPoint Brazil in 2013 . The award will be during our biggest event of 2013 , the BeefSummit Brazil , which will bring together more than 1,000 people in Ribeirão Preto, 10 and 11 December 2013 . The ceremony of the awards and the winners will be disclosed at the end of December 10 , after the lectures and before the cocktail with Chopp Penguin and tasting steak special .

Prize Agrotalento

The Agrotalento Award 2013 is a bold initiative that seeks to identify and recognize the talents of Brazilian cattle aged 25-45 years. Who are the people today who are livestock building of the future ? Who are the young people who make a difference in our industry ? If you know any of these references , which by their competence , talent and quality work deserves recognition , tell us through the form , filling out all fields and sending until the 27th of October. In this first edition of the award , we recognize the 10 producers and 10 professional highlight of each state . From 2014 we will have other new features that will further enhance the award . The ceremony of the awards and the winners will be disclosed on the eve of BeefSummit Brazil , December 9 , in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. We sure have great talent in our livestock , which together can move much faster , can learn from each other and to develop projects and businesses in sets.


The BeefSummit Brazil will be held at the Convention Center of Ribeirão Preto, located at Rua Bernardino de Campos , 999 in Ribeirão Preto / SP . The CCRP is situated in a privileged spot next to Leite Lopes Airport and at the best hotels , flats and dining options in the city.

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