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In 1954 there was an obvious need in the Australian Tropics for a breed of cattle which would have a more placid temperament, be highly fertile, and utilise the environment and its pastures in the most efficient manner to give high weight gains The Belmont Red was therefore conceived at Belmont Research Station as a composite breed using Africander (African Sanga) and Hereford-Shorthorn (Bos taurus) to fulfil that need – and further developed by commercial breeders.

Photo courtesy of Seifert Belmonts,
Rigid selection for the traits required has resulted in the evolution of a breed of "Australian Made" cattle which has been remarkably successful when compared, under trial conditions with older breeds and their crosses.

Since the original Aus-Meat Comparison Trials commenced in 1988, the Belmont Red has achieved an overall standard in beef production better than any other breed or cross breds. More recently Belmont Reds have achieved an unparalleled run of wins and high placing's in 'The Paddock to Plate Challenge'. The fertility of the breed has assisted many beef producers to correct reproductive deficiency in their herds and this reputation is freely accepted by the industry. The placid nature of the Belmont Red is widely recognised by beef producers who have handled them.

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The Belmont Red is phenotypically (and genetically) a mix of Bos indicus and Bos taurus. It has a smooth short haired coat which is predominantly red in colour, they may have some white occasinally. Belmonts are of a moderate size and have a good conformation in relation to beefing quality.

This breed reaches an early sexual maturity at about 10-14 months, it has good fertlity also. Belmonts are reknowned for their docility.

Photo courtesy of Seifert Belmonts,


  • Fertility
  • Adaptability
  • Tick resistant
  • Docility
  • Quality beef
  • High carcass yield, upto 76% off grass
  • Efficent conversion
  • Easy care and productive
  • Comparative

    To view comparative charts on studies such as sire breed effects on carcase weight, on P8 fat fat depth, retail beef yield, IMF and more click here : Belmont-Australia, Belmont facts


    Belmont Red cattle are produced in Australia.

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