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Hygienic Design in Food Industry
Experts estimate the share of time spent with cleaning processing in the food and beverage industry to...
Anti-microbial Coatings with Long-term Effect for Surfaces
Hygienic conditions and sterile procedures are particularly important in food preparation and in the...
New Salmonella Serotype Discovered
Lubbock is known for many things. Some of them are reasons to celebrate, like being the home of Buddy...
Energy Efficiency in Food and Beverage Industry
A mid-sized company in the meat industry could save annual carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to a mid-sized...
Measuring Tenderness in Beef and Pork Loins
The shear force measurements and hence the tenderness of loin muscles for both beef and pork can be standardised...
Current Nutrition Labelling is Hard to Digest
Current government-mandated nutrition labelling is ineffective in improving nutrition, but there is a...


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