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Beef Bruising in Slaughterhouses Has Welfare and Profit Affects
Profitability and animal welfare can be improved by reducing carcass bruising, is the conclusion of a...
New Food Waste Framework Calls for Fundamental Rethink of Food Practices
To solve the problem of food waste how food is produced and consumed needs to be radically rethought,...
Halving EU Meat Dairy Consumption to Lower Pollution
Halving EU Meat Dairy Consumption to Lower Pollution Halving meat and dairy consumption in Europe...
Processed Red Meat Linked to Higher Heart Failure Risk in Men
Men who eat moderate amounts of processed red meat may have an increased risk of incidence and death...
Why is Processed Meat Product Market Growing?
Customer awareness and acceptance regarding the convenience of meat products is an important factor in...
Using Plant-based Material as Antioxidants and Fat Replacers in Meat Products
Plant based derivatives have potential applications as fat replacers, antioxidants and antimicrobials...


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