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Meat Processor Turning Wastewater From Problem to Profit
Meat processors have a part to play in reducing emissions in the red meat sector. One unit in Eastern...
Researchers Discover Why Listeria Bacterium is So Hard to Fight
The harmful and potentially deadly bacterium Listeria is extremely good at adapting to changes....
Need for Foodservice to Understand Expiration Dates
Foodservice operations need to understand expiration dates on meat and poultry packages and for a foodservice...
How Rearing Cattle Affects Eating Quality
Marbling and eating quality of beef can be effected by not just by diet, but by weaning, timing of castration...
Infectious Prion Protein Discovered in Urine of Patients with vCJD
The misfolded and infectious prion protein that is a marker for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease –...
History Lesson in Packing Plant Closures
March 2008, Emporia, Kansas—a Tyson beef plant ceased a majority of its beef processing operations....


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