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Can Eating Lean Beef Daily Help Lower Blood Pressure?
Contrary to conventional wisdom, a growing body of evidence shows that eating lean beef can reduce risk...
Keeping Red Colour in Raw Steaks with Nitrite Sprays
The redness of raw steaks increases with increasing nitrite level in spray solutions a joint US Chinese...
Europe’s Retail Food Sector Losing Innovation
The scope for greater food choice and innovation in Europe is grows according to the number of new competitors...
Consumption Habits Control Ready Meals Market
The evolution of consumption habits across the world means both retailers and manufacturers need a renewed...
Meat Species in Pet Foods - Not All Brands Follow Regulations
Although regulations exist for pet foods, there is growing evidence that products could be subject to...
Marbling in Wagyu Beef Affected by Weaning Time
Beef quality is not just the feedlot's responsibility, it goes back to youngstock care and weaning. ...


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