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Robots Indispensable in Food Production
The world of robotics is currently facing another breakthrough: small, lightweight, comfortable and above...
UK Chilled Foods Market Driven by Demand for Health Quality Convenience
The UK market for chilled foods has shown growth of 3.6 per cent in 2014 and this is expected to grow...
Ethics of Eating Meat – a Personal Opinion
In his book, Eating Meat: Science and Consumption Culture, Howard Swatland presents a new look at eating...
China's Food Self-sufficiency Policy
It is unlikely China will be able to maintain self-sufficiency on all major agrifood commodities, according...
Using Robots to Get More Food from Raw Materials
Can an industrial robot succeed both at removing the breast fillet from a chicken, and at the same time...
How to Sustainably Feed Nine Billion People
Becoming self-sufficient in food production – what better way is there for countries to sustainably...


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