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Milking Equipment Not Checked Enough, Farmers Warned

21 May 2014

AUSTRIA – Properly maintained milking machines can safeguard udder health if certain checks are taken, Austrian farmers are being told.

More and more farmers are neglecting milks stations, only performing checks on them once every two years, according to the Austrian Land Chamber.

Chamber dairy experts stress that this is not enough and that daily, weekly and monthly routine checks should be taken.


• Vacuum level at two vacuum meters and possibly fluctuations
• Air inlet nozzle on the claw or teat
• Automatic cleaning and hygiene condition


• Condition and cleanliness of the teat rubber
• Cleanliness of the end unit and safety separator
• Oil level of the pump
• Monitor consumption of detergent
• Pulse number


• Control valve for dirt, clean if necessary
• Clean the air intake in pulsators
• Vacuum build-up time
• V-belt tension of the vacuum pump
• State of cleaning equipment
• Consumption of detergent and cleaning temperature - even with automatic tank cleaning
• Vacuum cleanliness


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