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EU Action Demanded After Turkish Cheese Ban

11 February 2013

ITALY – In a controversial move, the Turkish government has banned imports of Italian cheeses made from raw milk.

Import restrictions apply to three cheeses; Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Provolone. The decision has caused a furore among the Italian dairy industry.

“It is unheard of,” said Joseph Ambrosi, President of the Italian Dairy Association. Mr Ambrosi said that Italian cheeses are safe and of the highest quality.

“We export cheese globally and it is absurd that a country like Turkey, which wants acceptance into the EU, has taken this decision.”

“The EU and our government should intervene immediately. The prohibition must be lifted otherwise we will force our government to prohibit Turkish imports, “ added Mr Ambrosi.

Turkish fruit and vegetables; cereals, beverages and spirits; kebabs, pistachios, almonds and other seeds are imported into Italy annually.

Mr Ambrosi concluded that this trade equates to €322.8 million and shows the unreciprocated trust Italy show to Turkish food and agriculture.

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