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Meat embargo lifted, Yemen criticized

21 December 2006

YEMEN - Yemeni businessman Mohammed Qa’ed Abu Yasser has officially inaugurated the largest cattle quarantine in the entire Middle East area, and indeed the world, in Djibouti.

Abu Yasser, who resides in Saudi Arabia, revealed that Yemeni officials refuse to test cattle before importing them, particularly with the advent of Eid when large quantities of beef are consumed.

Following the inauguration of the cattle quarantine, Abu Yasser asserted that most beef enters Yemen illegally and expressed surprise that Yemeni authorities reject or hinder testing cattle imports.

He maintained that those who reject such testing aren’t being cautious regarding Yemen’s interest and are behaving irresponsibly, indicating that he can provide additional facilities and privileges, even testing cattle for free.

According to Abu Yasser, what’s important is that cattle imports to Yemen should be safe and healthy. “Allowing cattle to enter Yemen without testing avails no one except cattle smugglers who operate illegally by sea,” he noted.

The cattle quarantine in Djibouti is considered one of the largest projects in the Horn of Africa and one of the most important for Abu Yasser’s International Establishment. In its first phase, the project cost $20 million, with an estimated total cost of $75 million.

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Source: Yemen Times

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