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UK Farming Statistics

04 September 2015

UK August 2015 Farming and Food BriefUK August 2015 Farming and Food Brief

UK Farming Statistics

Headline Summary

The monthly farming and food brief summarises the latest statistical and economic information relating to the agricultural sector. In particular, it highlights the results of recently published evidence and research.

Food prices continue to fall

Year on year food prices have continued to fall, with an annual rate of inflation of -2.7% in the year to July 2015, according to official figures released on 18th August 2015. General inflation is 0.1 %, up from 0.0% in June.

Major changes to the farm business

In results from the Farm Business Survey published on 13th August 2015, more than half of cropping farms (54%) planned to carry out a major change to the business in 2015 or 2016. For those planning a change, the most common reason given was to increase profitability.

Around 40% of cropping businesses planned a major investment in their business within the next two years. Larger farms were more likely to invest than smaller farms.

A third of cropping businesses had introduced a new or innovative practice in the previous 12 months. For around half of these farms (48%) this was primarily the result of the farmer’s own ideas; 19% cited the primary source as the media and 17% cited other farmers, discussion groups or farm staff.

Average Farm Household Income little changed from 2012/13

In results from the Farm Business Survey published on 20th August 2015, the average household income before tax) of the principal farmer was £51,800 in 2013/14, little changed from 2012/13 (£51,400 per household).

A quarter of these households had an income of less £16,000 and a quarter had an income greater than £65,900.

Monthly milk production lower than previous year

Monthly milk production was lower than the previous year for the first time since June 2013 (25 months). But continued pressure from international markets have led to a 1.3% (0.32p per litre) decrease on the UK average farm gate milk price since in the month to July 2015 to 23.35p per litre.

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