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UK Farming Statistics

17 June 2015

UK Agriculture in the English regions 2014 – 1st estimateUK Agriculture in the English regions 2014 – 1st estimate

UK Farming Statistics

This release presents the first estimate of Total Income from Farming in England and the English regions for 2014 using the European Union Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics (NUTS) regions.

These statistics describe the relative growth in Total Income from Farming in the short term and the contribution that the agricultural industry makes to the regional economy.

Key components of the production and income accounts for 2014 are summarised for each region. There are revisions to previous year’s data owing to further information becoming available and methodological reviews.

All data are given in current price terms unless stated.

Key points:

  • Total Income from Farming in England is estimated to have risen between 2013 and 2014 by 1.2% (£48 million) to £4,197 million, compared to a 2.7% decline in the United Kingdom.
  • In 2014, Total Income from Farming in the United Kingdom is estimated to be £5,379 million; England was the largest contributor accounting for 78% of this total. Detailed United Kingdom figures can be found here.
  • Since 2010, Total Income from Farming has increased in all English regions, ranging from 63% in the North West to 30% in the North East.
  • Livestock output was predominant in the South West and North West while crop output was greatest in East of England.
  • In England, agriculture employed 1.06% of the workforce.

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