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UK Farming Statistics

14 August 2014

UK Farming Statistics - Provisional Arable Crop Areas at 1 June 2014, EnglandUK Farming Statistics - Provisional Arable Crop Areas at 1 June 2014, England

This release contains the first results from the 2014 June Survey of Agriculture and Horticulture. Provisional estimates are included for the main cereal, oilseed and uncropped arable land areas on commercial holdings on 1 June 2014 broken down by English region.
UK Farming Statistics

Whilst the figures give a good indication of trends, they may be subject to amendment as further survey responses come in and more data are validated. Final results will be published on 18 September 2014. Results in this publication relate to commercial holdings in England. Commercial holdings are those farms with a significant level of farming activity. A full definition can be found in the methodology section on page 9.

The provisional June arable crop areas show large changes between 2013 and 2014. Last year terrible weather conditions left many farmers unable to plant winter sown crops. Failed crops due to pests and water-logged fields also contributed to the changes seen between crop categories in 2013. This resulted in some farmers planting spring sown crops instead of winter crops and others leaving more arable land out of production. As a result of improved weather conditions this year, farmers have been able to once again plant crops on land previously left out of production. The ratios between winter and spring sown crops have also returned to more typical levels seen prior to 2013. The key results are given below.


  • The area of wheat in England increased by 19% from 1.5 million hectares in 2013 to 1.8 million hectares in 2014.
  • The area of winter sown barley increased by 42% in 2014 to 366 thousand hectares. This is the largest area of winter barley since 2003.
  • The area of spring sown barley decreased by 40% between 2013 and 2014 and stands at 343 thousand hectares.
  • The area of oats in England is 106 thousand hectares in 2014.

Oilseed rape

  • Oilseed rape decreased by 6% in 2014 to 634 thousand hectares. This was largely due to an 86% decrease in the spring sown area to 13 thousand hectares.
  • Winter oilseed rape increased by 6% in 2014 to 621 thousand hectares and accounts for 98% of the total oilseed area.

Uncropped arable land

  • Uncropped arable land decreased by 39% between 2013 and 2014, returning to a more typical area of 146 thousand hectares.

Regional areas

  • All the areas mentioned above are broken down by English region and are available in table 3.

Survey methodology

For information on how the survey is run and details of data analysis and accuracy of results please see the methodology section on pages 9 and 10 towards the end of this release.

Other survey results and publications

This release contains first estimates from the Survey of Agriculture and Horticulture carried out in June 2014. These provisional estimates are published early in response to users’ needs for improved information on key crop areas. Full results for England and the UK will be published in the coming months and more details relating to publication dates and contents can be found on page 11.

August 2014

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