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UK Total Income from Farming

19 December 2013

Farm Accounts in England – Results from the Farm Business Survey 2012/13Farm Accounts in England – Results from the Farm Business Survey 2012/13

Total Income from Farming in the UK

The latest farm incomes were released on 19 December 2013; these are sourced from the 2012/13 Farm Business Survey (which covers the 2012 harvest). Figures are for March/February years with the most recent year shown therefore ending February 2013. The results examine farm incomes, outputs and costs for farm types, farm sizes and regions.

Data on the income of farm businesses is used in conjunction with other information on the agricultural sector to help inform policy decisions (e.g. Reform of Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 of Common Agricultural Policy) and to help monitor and evaluate current policies relating to agriculture in the United Kingdom. It also informs wider research into the economic performance of the agricultural industry. The data are provided to the EU as part of the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) and are also used widely by the industry for benchmarking purposes.

Forecasts of income by farm type for the year ending February 2014 and covering the 2013 harvest will be published in January 2014 and can be found at

Key results

  • Average Farm Business Income fell across most farm types in 2012/13 (the exceptions being specialist pig and poultry farms) as the effect of the poor growing season and harvest was felt across both the cropping and livestock sectors.

  • For the cropping sector lower yields and quality were offset to some extent by higher prices. However the additional impact of higher costs resulted in a fall in incomes.

  • On dairy and grazing livestock farms (lowland and LFA) the impact of higher feed costs was a key driver behind lower incomes.

  • For specialist pig and specialist poultry farms, incomes increased via higher output which was only partially offset by higher input costs, particularly for feed.

  • The single payment for 2012/13 was on average 12% lower than the previous year due to the pound strengthening against the euro.

December 2013

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