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26 May 2022
UK's NOAH launches new livestock vaccination guidelines
The new guideline supports vets and farmers...
23 May 2022
Indonesia lawmakers push to halt spread of foot and mouth disease
At least 20,000 animals have been infected...
12 May 2022
University of Vermont launches foreign animal disease survey
The survey will gather behavioural attitudes to biosecurity...
09 May 2022
Canada invests over $3 mln to improve livestock disease preparedness
Animal Health Canada and Swine Innovation Porc will receive the funding ...
04 May 2022
Genetic finding could help beat fatal African cattle infection
A section of DNA found to protect native African cattle against East Coast fever could safeguard breeds introduced to the region....
21 April 2022
World Animal Vaccination Day celebrates better animal welfare
The group focusses on priority diseases across animal populations...
18 April 2022
Learning from E. coli: study to facilitate traceability during foodborne investigations
Scientists with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) aim to enhance the capacity of regulatory agencies to trace Escherichia coli (E. coli) O157:H7 back to its source during a foodborne outbreak investigation by studying how the DNA of a specific...
12 April 2022
Utah bulls test positive for Trich
Ten herds have are potentially impacted by the disease...
11 April 2022
Leading academic recalls 2001 FMD epidemic presenting to Irish Gov animal health event
“It’s important that we remind ourselves of the devastating impact that disease outbreaks such as foot and mouth can have on animals and on people. We must always be on a state of alert to protect our livestock and agri-food industry.”...
08 April 2022
31 March 2022
Genetic testing for early diagnosis of bovine respiratory disease
A diagnostic test to identify BRD could be possible...
21 March 2022
FDA approves new prescription antibiotic option for cattle, pigs
The antibiotic treats organisms associated with BRD, foot rot and pinkeye...
02 March 2022
UK launches financial support program to promotes animal health, welfare
Grants will fund investments for equipment and technology...
04 February 2022
Two Indonesian villages declared anthrax red zones after cattle deaths
Seven cattle and one goat have tested positive...
01 February 2022
Canadian BSE case detected in December impacting exports
Canada has lost access for beef exports into South Korea, The Philippines and China following the detection of a case of BSE in late December....
11 January 2022
10 January 2022
Canadian researchers working on new testing method for cattle-adapted Salmonella bacteria
A research team at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) is developing a more cost-effective method to detect a type of salmonella bacteria that’s difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to eradicate from dairy cattle herds....
04 January 2022
Scotland's detector dogs stop importation of animal diseases
The new dog squad will help stop the introduction of exotic animal diseases such as African swine fever and foot and mouth disease...
03 January 2022
Canadian scientists aim to disrupt growth of M. bovis
A University of Saskatchewan (USask) research team is evaluating how a panel of drugs might affect Mycoplasma bovis — a bacterium that’s responsible for causing serious health issues among Canada’s cattle herds, writes Jessica Colby....
27 December 2021
Liver disease impacts feedlot bottom line, Australian study
If more than 20% of an animal’s liver is affected by abscesses, the feedlot’s bottom line will be impacted...
24 December 2021
How liver disease is impacting feedlots’ bottom line
A recent project out of south-east Queensland has provided lot feeders with a range of insights into the effect of liver defects on carcase characteristics, performance and health of feedlot cattle. ...
20 December 2021
Case of atypical BSE identified in Canada
The older cow was located in Alberta ...
15 December 2021
13 December 2021
Pen-side test for BRD may save cattle industry millions, reduce antibiotic use
Sous-vide cooking inspired an idea that took promising technology out of the lab and into the barn. Researchers at Purdue University successfully developed an on-site bovine respiratory disease test that provides results within an hour....
10 December 2021
USDA Secretary resisting calls for halt to US imports of Brazilian beef
USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said it would not be appropriate for the US to halt imports of Brazilian beef even though the country was late in reporting two atypical cases of BSE earlier this year....
Weekly global protein digest: HPAI in Austria, US beef, pork exports dip this week
Market analyst Jim Wyckoff shares highlights from this week's activities in the global protein market. ...
07 December 2021
US study observes horn fly resistance in organic Holstein cattle
A study conducted by scientists in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences explored genetic parameters and genomic regions associated with horn fly resistance in organic Holstein cattle. ...
Research shows duplication in vitamin D gene leads to more mastitis
Given the negative consequences of clinical mastitis, unravelling genetic variants underlying in this trait has been a prime interest for animal breeders....
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