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21 September 2020
Finding Hope in Rangeland Restoration
Spring is the perfect season to explore rangeland ecology in California. The grasslands are green, the skies are blue, and bright yellow monkey flowers dance in the breeze. Even metaphorically, spring is a good fit. Rangeland restoration brings new life....
18 September 2020
Chance of La Niña forming increases in Australia
The Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) latest climate outlook is forecasting a wetter-than-average spring for most of the eastern mainland, in part due to La Niña conditions developing over the Pacific Ocean. ...
03 September 2020
The Nature Conservancy, Cargill, McDonald’s, Target unite to support regenerative agriculture practices
The Nature Conservancy, McDonald’s, Cargill and Target are coming together to launch a new five-year, $8.5 million project aimed at working with Nebraska farmers to advance proven soil health practices to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and help...
28 March 2020
DCHA webinar"Electrolyte Therapy for Calves" now open
The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association is hosting a webinar with Geof Smith from NC State on 16 April....
12 March 2020
Study reveals beef, dairy production depleting water supply
US - A study by Northern Arizona University has set out to assess river flow depletion across the US, identify the factors driving this depletion and evaluate options to reduce vulnerability to water shortages. The researchers estimate that two-thirds...
04 March 2020
Fallowing cattle-feed farmland simplest way to alleviate western water shortage
US - All over the world, the rate at which humans consume fresh water is now approaching or surpassing the rate at which water sources are being naturally replenished, creating water shortages for people and ecosystems. ...
03 March 2020
Beef consumption hurting river quality
US - Across the globe, humans are using freshwater resources faster than those resources can be naturally replenished. In the Western United States, for example, water extractions from the Colorado River have exceeded total river flow, causing rapid depletion...
26 February 2020
Zimbabwean cattle farmers face tough choices
Cattle have long been a symbol of wealth in Zimbabwe. But these days, in the chaos of the struggling economy and the increasing impact of climate change, cattle farmers face a difficult choice: sell off their herd or butcher them to sell the meat....
24 February 2020
LWR awarded Brazilian patent for their triple-bottom-line approach to manure treatment
Brazil’s agriculture sector booms as LWR prepares to enter this market with a new patent. ...
24 January 2020
Rule Provides Clearer Definition of 'Waters of the United States'
US - In a final rule released today, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers revised its definition of "waters of the United States" (WOTUS) under the Clean Water Act....
03 December 2019
Cattle Farmers to Benefit from Solar-powered Boreholes
RWANDA - Cattle in Nyagatare and Kayonza districts will no longer face water shortages and death induced by drought thanks to new boreholes run by solar energy....
17 October 2019
Brazilian Study Identifies Genes Potentially Associated with Heat- and Drought-resistant Cattle
Cattle productivity in Brazil is significantly affected by the decline in pasture quality during the dry period of the year, writes André Julião with Agência FAPES (FUNDAÇÃO DE AMPARO À PESQUISA DO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO). ...
21 September 2019
FoodBytes! Chicago 2019 Winners Showcase Upcycling Dairy Waste, Sustainable Salmon & Cactus-Based Foods
Sustainable food and agriculture entrepreneurs showcased solutions to improve the way we grow food and feed the world at FoodBytes! Chicago, a live pitch competition and business mentorship platform presented by Rabobank, the world’s largest food and...
02 September 2019
Dairy Industry’s Environmental Accountability Undermined
NEW ZEALAND - The dairy industry’s decision to disband an environmental leaders group that includes representatives from outside the industry undermines the credibility and accountability of the industry’s attempts to reduce freshwater pollution,...
13 June 2019
New Independent Climate Change Inquiry in Scotland to Map Positive Path for Farming, Food Production
SCOTLAND, UK - A new Independent Climate Change Inquiry is to explore how a low carbon landscape can support a bright future for farming and food. ...
06 June 2019
Changes to Dairy Industry Legislation
NEW ZEALAND - Minister of Agriculture Damien O’Connor today announced changes to the legislation governing the dairy industry....
05 June 2019
Drought Threatens to Wipe Out Over Half of Zimbabwe’s Cattle
ZIMBABWE - Farmers and livestock experts say escalating diseases, as well as the devastating effects of the El Niño-induced drought, have combined to put millions of animals at risk of dying....
14 May 2019
Ninh Thuận Livestock Farmers Struggle to Feed Animals Due to Drought
VIETNAM - Farmers in Ninh Thuận Province, which has the largest number of cattle and sheep and goats in the country, are struggling to find natural food for their animals since prolonged hot weather has parched their pastures....
10 May 2019
Vietnam can Reduce Emissions, Save Billions in Ag, Forestry and Land Use
VIETNAM - As nations look toward 2020, when they will take stock of their actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the 2015 Paris Agreement, many are seeking ways to increase their nationally determined contributions, or NDCs, to global emissions...
03 May 2019
Livestock Farming has Key Role in Tackling Climate Change
SCOTLAND, UK - The intrinsic role of livestock production in Scotland as part of the solution to tackling climate change is being emphasised by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS)....
30 April 2019
For Low-income Countries, Climate Action Pays Off by 2050
GLOBAL - Successful global efforts to substantially limit greenhouse gas emissions would likely boost GDP growth of poorer countries over the next 30 years....
22 April 2019
Environment Report Shows Harm from Dairy Sector: Greenpeace
NEW ZEALAND - Greenpeace wants fewer cows and more regulation, saying the dairy industry has been allowed to run riot and wreak havoc on the environment....
02 April 2019
Cornell Model Helps Dairy Farms Reduce Nitrogen, Save Money
US - The Chesapeake Bay - about 235 miles down the Susquehanna River from New York's Southern Tier - and other waterways might grow cleaner, thanks to new updates and improvements in a Cornell dairy nutrition model....
01 April 2019
Dairy Effluent Treatment System Good News for Water Quality
NEW ZEALAND - New research conducted by Lincoln University on Ravensdown’s ClearTech® farm dairy effluent (FDE) treatment system in Canterbury has shown the system could have significant environmental benefits for river, lake and groundwater quality....
22 February 2019
Manure Injection Offers Hope, Challenge for Restoring Chesapeake Water Quality
US - Widespread adoption by dairy farmers of injecting manure into the soil instead of spreading it on the surface could be crucial to restoring Chesapeake Bay water quality, according to researchers....
12 December 2018
Farm Bureau Applauds EPA's New Clean Water Rule Proposal
State Farm Bureau presidents from across the nation attended an event today at the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Washington to witness the signing of the proposed Clean Water Rule. ...
27 November 2018
Afghan Farmers Grappling Drought Urgently Need Seed, Animal Feed Support
AFGHANISTAN - A new drought response plan will help 1.4 million of the most vulnerable drought-affected people in Afghanistan during the coming winter season and into April next year, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) announced...
26 November 2018
Important Step Towards Measuring, Managing & Monitoring Beef, Lamb's Environmental Credentials
UK - Three meat levy bodies have jointly commissioned a new project to pave the way for a sustainability framework for livestock production in Great Britain....
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