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Update on FMD in Wild Boar in Bulgaria

21 January 2011

BULGARIA - An update on the foot and mouth disease (FMD) situation was published yesterday (20 January) by Defra, the UK agriculture department

Bulgaria has updated the European Commission with the latest information on the FMD outbreak in the Burgas region reported to OIE on 7 January 2011.

FMD has now been confirmed in domestic livestock (cattle, sheep, goats and pigs) in two further locations in the region, in addition to the initial wild boar outbreak. The wild boar samples submitted were positive according to ELISA (FMD type O) and RT PCR indicating presence of virus and antibodies. A lateral flow device also tested positive. Pirbright has confirmed the sequence as VPI serotype O ME-SA Pan Asia-2ANT-10 which shares 99.5 per cent identity to strains isolated in Turkey and Iran in 2010 (OIE, 2011).

Samples from livestock in Kosti (outbreak confirmed on 10 January 2011) confirmed positive results in 1/121 cattle, 14/117 sheep, 12/149 goats and 8/22 pigs. In Rezovo, positive results were confirmed in 3/92 cattle (EC, 2011b).

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- You can view the full report by clicking here.


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