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Plan now for fall pasture fertilization
Early fall is one of the best times to top-dress maintenance fertilizer on perennial forages, writes Marc...
Developing heifers to fit their production environment
As producers begin selecting replacement heifers, a commonly asked question is, “What is the best method...
Importance of body condition scoring in suckler cows
Avoiding obesity, excessive leanness or large changes in condition in pregnant suckler cows could avoid unnecessary...
Ammonia reduction strategies for the cattle sector
Ammonia emissions from livestock present major challenges to the Northern Ireland agricultural industry. Funded...
Upgrade your grazing: Science leads to better alfalfa
At its core, basic science is a never-ending quest to uncover how the universe works. It all starts with a...
Phosphorous supplementation aids high cattle returns
Tara Station, near Cloncurry, has been in Dan Lynch’s family for generations. Tara is a 14,000ha property...



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