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Equipment - Needed or Nice to Have?
For a cow-calf enterprise, the second largest expense after grazed and harvested feed is often overhead expenses...
Revealing the diversity of genes behind better alfalfa hay
Alfalfa is a major Northwest crop and an important food source for dairy cattle and other livestock worldwide....
There’s a (black soldier) fly in my soup
It may seem a little hard to swallow but the larvae of a waste-eating fly could become a new alternative protein...
Tips to Improve the Success of Weaning Beef Calves
Fall is officially here and with it will bring the country sound of calves bawling as weaning occurs on beef...
Annual Cow Costs – The Big Three
When looking at annual cow costs and doing an economic analysis, three categories tend to make up the largest...
Opportunities to improve hay quality
Recently I presented a summary of 10 years of hay testing results from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s...



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