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The Retinta breed evolved from a combination of breeds such as the Andalusian Red, Extremadura Red and Andalusian Blond, it is an indigenous breed to the south and southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Red skinned cattle, in different shades, have existed in the Iberian Peninsula since ancient times. Red skinned cattle have evolved from a common ancestry and have been reunited in a selection project called Retinta because of its deep reddish colour.

Spanish Retinta is most numerous in the southwestern region of Spain - Western Andalucía and Extremadura. Many of the so called Creole breeds throughout the Americas are not alien to this breed since they have a distant origin in common. Scarce rain, some 500 mm, extreme temperatures ranging from - 10oC to 44oC in the shade have created a breed of cattle that manages to thrive on rough and woody feed.    more...

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