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The ancestors of the breed Romagnola (pronouced 'Roma - nola') were the Bos primigenius podolicus - a wild ox which lived on the Italian peninsula, and to a great extent, from the Bos primigenius nomadicus, a bovine originating in the Euro-Asian steppes, which came to Italy during the fourth Century A.D. with the Gothic invasion led by Aginulf.

These primitive cattle gave rise to several breeds with similar characteristics ranging throughout Italy in provinces such as Ravenna, Forli, Bologna, Ferraio, Pesaro and Florence which was previously known as Romagna. An amalgamation of these saw the formation of the breed we know today as Romagnola.

Through history the Romagnola was used as a draught animal assisting in tilling the plains and their beef was a secondary product. The fertile soils and high quality forage contributed significantly to the evolution of a progressively more muscular type while the continued use of Romagnola as living tractors ensured their structural soundness and dynamic traits.    more...

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