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Gelbvieh (pronounced Gel-fee) originated in the three Franconian districts of Northern Bavaria, in southern Germany which can be traced back to the 16th Century. It was once a triple purpose breed (milk, meat and draft) and was developed from several local strains of 'Red-Yellow Franconian' cattle; Gelbvieh translates from the German, literally, as 'yellow cattle'. Gelbvieh are a large framed muscular breed not to dissimilar to a Simmental, Charloais or Limousin and are also known by other names such as Einfarbig gelbes Hohenvich and German Yellow.

In 1958, the German government imposed a stringent progeny testing programme on the breed in a deliberate strategy to improve performance in milk and meat production traits. They used AI extensively and applied objective measurement in selection for productivity, maternal characters, fertility and calving east, as well as carcase quality.

The breed was transported to North America via semen in the mid 1970's. As soon as it arrived in the USA it was immediately subjected to close scrutiny in the massive comparative breed experiments which were just then starting at the Meat Animal Research Center at Clay Center in Nebraska.
In the US, Gelbvieh have become a research driven breed; driven by the research findings at the Clay Center in Nebraska. The results of this research have been so noteworthy that 70% of cattle ranchers near Clay Center and South Eastern Nebraska, now run Gelbvieh cattle or cross-breeds in their herds.

In 1979 the breed was taken to Australia via Scotland by Jim Swanee and Greg Lithgow who used the semen over Hereford. From here the breed has increased in numbers and is now a well known breed.    more...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
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FARMING UK - Sale orders valued at around £498,000 for 332 breeding cattle were confirmed at the NBA Beef Expo 2007 as importers...

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