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The Braford was created to provide a consistent and efficient product for beef production. The breed was made by a cross between a Hereford bull and a Brahman cow. They carry the characteristics of both breeds. This was first done by Partin and Hudgins breeding, Alto Adams Jr. in Florida, 1947. It took a few attempts to get the right genetics as the first bulls suffered with poor feet and eyes and were not used to the Florida climate.

They began experimenting with various types of Brahman-Hereford cross bulls. Eventually he identified Braford bulls that were producing calves that met his needs and he used these bulls and their offspring to form what is recognized as the Foundation Herd of the Braford breed in the United States. By basing bull selection on weaning and yearling weights and allowing natural selection to eliminate calving problems, Adams Ranch Brafords improved through the years to the point that Adams Ranch began to think of breed development and recognition.

There is also a separate blood line in Australia. The Australian Braford breed was developed in Queensland in the period between 1946 and 1952. It is now a stabilized breed with approximately 50 percent Hereford and 50 percent Brahman genetic background.    more...

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Friday, August 03, 2007
Foot and Mouth Disease confirmed in cattle, in Surrey, UK
UK - DEFRA have confirmed that following an investigation of suspected vesicular disease on a holding near Guildford in Surrey,...

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