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Beef Shorthorn

The Shorthorn breed of cattle, which we know today, has evolved over the last two centuries, from Teeswater and Durham cattle found originally in the North East of England. In the late 18th Century two brothers, Charles and Robert Colling started to improve these Durham cattle using line breeding techniques established so successfully by Robert Bakewell on Longhorn cattle. In 1783 Charles Colling found four particular cows recorded as Duchess, Cherry, Strawberry, and Old Favourite among others, and at the same time his brother Robert had noticed the superiority of calves in the local market bred from a bull known as Hubback, which he subsequently bought for £8.

It was a combination of these bloodlines, which led to the birth of the bull Comet bred by Charles Colling in 1804, and later sold at the Ketton sale in 1810 for 1,000gns. This was the first 1,000 guinea bull ever recorded, but the wisdom of this bid was later to be justified by his progeny and he has since become a legend in cattle breeding.

Other outstanding breeders at this time, Thomas Bates of Kirklevington, and John Booth of Killesby were developing the Teeswater cattle, and their names and fame live on today. The Bates strains were subsequently developed for their milking qualities, whereas the Booth families were developed for their beef qualities. Both were convinced of the value of inbreeding or line breeding to a degree previously considered unacceptable in cattle breeding.    more...

Latest Beef Shorthorn Breed News

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Beef Shorthorn Classification Scheme Hoped to Have Global Reach
UK – British beef’s most comprehensive classification scheme to date is hoped to accelerate the progress of the Shorthorn...
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Shorthorns Peak at 7,000 Guineas at Carlisle
UK - Beef Shorthorn bulls topped at 7,000 Guineas at the society's official spring sale with several bulls and heifers over the...
Friday, May 15, 2015
Shorthorn Genetics Offer Safe Way into Traditional Beef
UK – A beef Shorthorn scheme quoting a 20 p/kg premium could offer a secure way into the traditional beef market for beef and...

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