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USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade

18 April 2016

USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade- April 2016USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade- April 2016

USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade

Trade of All Meats to Expand in 2016

Beef and Veal:

Global production is forecast at 59.0 million tons, up modestly from the previous year. Herd expansion in the United States, India, and Brazil will offset lower production in Australia, Argentina, and Russia. Brazilian production is expected to rebound strongly as a weaker real and market access improvements fuel exports. However, economic instability and weak domestic demand remain risk factors. Australian production is forecast to decline for a second year as producers rebuild herds after an extended liquidation period.


Global production is forecast down 1 percent to 109.3 million tons as declines in China and the EU more than offset gains by the United States, Brazil, and Russia. Chinese production will continue to contract due to the slowing economy and continuing repercussions of environmental regulations. EU production will decline as low prices spur herd contraction. Increased exports driven by a weak currency and improved market access will raise Brazilian production. Russian production will continue moderate expansion but at a slower pace due to the struggling economy and competition from lower global pork prices.

Broiler Meat:

Global production is forecast to increase 1 percent to a record 89.7 million tons on expansion by most major traders. Brazil is expected to continue expanding on higher exports. Reduced supplies of imported breeding stock, driven by highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)- related trade restrictions, will put downward pressure on production in China. Russian production will continue expanding but at a slower pace due to a struggling economy and rising production costs.

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