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12 April 2019
View news from Malaysia Etika Initiatives to Drive Growth of Local Dairy Industry
MALAYSIA - Etika Holdings will initiate commercial processing of fresh milk with a foreign direct investment (FDI) of more than RM100mil in a move to drive the dairy industry....
10 October 2018
View news from Malaysia Nestlé Invests Over RM100m to Establish MILO Manufacturing Centre
MALAYSIA - Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad is investing over RM100 million to expand its MILO factory in Chembong, Negeri Sembilan, in line with its strategy of driving strong, profitable and sustainable growth and investing in Malaysia as a key manufacturing...
17 April 2018
View news from Malaysia MARDI's KK Cattle Breed Provides Lucrative Returns
MALAYSIA - The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) has produced a new breed of cattle called the Kedah-Kelantan (KK) breed which has the potential of providing lucrative returns to small and medium-scale livestock breeders....
05 March 2018
View news from Malaysia DVS Reports Only 11 Heads of Cattle Culled
MALAYSIA - The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) has refuted social media postings that thousands of heads of cattle have been culled as a result of tuberculosis (TB)....
27 February 2018
View news from Malaysia Dairy Brand Ushers in Lunar New Year with Positive Outlook
MALAYSIA - Fonterra Brands Malaysia believes 2018 will be another good year for Malaysian companies in the food and beverage industry....
02 January 2018
View news from Malaysia Sabah Mulls Breeding Endangered Wild Cattle
MALAYSIA - A state government’s plan to breed the critically endangered Bornean banteng or wild cattle in oil palm plantations is feasible in reversing its possible extinction, said a conservationist....
11 September 2017
View news from Malaysia Ministry to Impose 30% Bumi Quota to Break Beef Import Monopoly
MALAYSIA - The Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Ministry will impose a minimum 30 per cent quota for bumiputra importers to break the beef import monopoly....
21 August 2017
View news from Malaysia MoU Signed to Boost Research, Dairy Sector
MALAYSIA - The Holstein Milk Company, via its subsidiary Farm Fresh, has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to jointly establish an industry centre of excellence (UPM-FarmFresh ICoE) to further boost the country’s...
11 July 2017
View news from Malaysia Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Found in Dead Cows in Dungun District
MALAYSIA - After Kuala Nerus, Marang and Kuala Terengganu last month, haemorrhagic septicaemia (HS) disease is now killing cattle in Dungun....
17 May 2017
View news from Malaysia Fonterra Reopens Malaysia Dairy Plant After NZ$7M Upgrade
MALAYSIA - Fonterra has reopened the doors to its milk powder manufacturing plant in Malaysia following a NZ$7 million investment to boost manufacturing efficiencies and ensure it continues to meet world class health and safety, and food safety and quality...
13 March 2017
View news from Malaysia Malaysia to Tap 'Dairy Countries' on Structure of National Dairy Board
MALAYSIA - Malaysia will tap countries that are advanced in the dairy industry on the structure, tasks, responsibilities, roles and functions of the National Dairy Board (NDB)....
17 February 2017
View news from Malaysia Negri to Stop Spread of Contagious Brucella Virus in Livestock
MALAYSIA - The Veterinary Services Department has been directed to cull livestock found to be infected with the contagious brucella virus after sick cows were found in three farms....
06 December 2016
View news from Malaysia Fonterra Invests in Malaysian Operations
MALAYSIA - Fonterra, a global leader in dairy nutrition, has committed to invest RM20 million in its Malaysian manufacturing operations in FY17 with work set to begin from September 2016....
20 January 2014
View news from Malaysia Malaysian Consumer Group Calls for Ban on Antibiotics in Animal Feed
MALAYA - A consumer group in Malaysia has called on the authorities to ban antibiotic use in animal feeds following the EU ban on antibiotics in animal feed....
12 November 2013
View news from Malaysia Farmers, Livestock Breeders, Fishermen Must Be More Innovative, Says PM
MALAYSIA - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen to be more innovative and progressive to boost income and their standard of living....
08 November 2013
View news from Malaysia Malaysians Are Buying More Beef
MALAYSIA – Beef imports have surged to record levels for the first seven months of 2013, Malaysian National Statistics show....
30 October 2012
View news from Malaysia Government Invests in Profit Sharing Scheme
MALAYSIA - By January, the Melaka Government will allocate RM1 million to re-start cattle farming in the state, through a profit-sharing system. ...
11 April 2012
View news from Malaysia NFCorporation Says Livestock not Diseased
MALAYSIA - The National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) has denied claims that some of its cattle were diseased, maintaining that all of its products are “hygienic” and of “high quality.”...
03 November 2011
View news from Malaysia Malaysia’s Beef Imports On The Rise
MALAYSIA - Beef imports into Malaysia during August increased three per cent year-on-year to 9,976 tonnes swt, lifting total imports for the first eight months of 2011 by 11 per cent, to 76,644 tonnes swt, reports Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)....
26 August 2011
View news from Malaysia Beef Imports Jump 11 Per Cent In 2010-11
MALAYSIA - Malaysia's beef imports during 2010-11 increased 11 per cent on the previous year, to a six-year high of 117,797 tonnes swt, reports Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)....
17 January 2011
View news from Malaysia Malaysia Lifts BSE-Related Ban On EU Beef
MALAYSIA - Malaysia has finally lifted its ban on imports of beef and beef products from the European Union....
03 September 2010
View news from Malaysia Could Self-Vaccinating Cattle Cut Disease?
MALAYSIA - Scientists are testing a vaccine that spreads by itself as a solution to a highly infectious buffalo and cattle disease that costs millions of dollars a year....
20 January 2010
View news from Malaysia Malaysia Builds Feed Mills For Livestock
MALAYSIA - Malaysia will build feed mills to support and develop the livestock industry as part of efforts to increase beef supply for local consumption. ...
28 October 2009
View news from Malaysia Fonterra Expand Dairy in Malaysia
MALAYSIA - Fonterra have invested NZ$12 million on a plant expansion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia....
30 September 2009
View news from Malaysia Protests Outside Selangor Government
MALAYSIA - More than 30 trucks loaded with buffaloes, cows, goats and milk containers protested outside the state secretariat main gate....
02 March 2009
View news from Malaysia Disease Strikes Fear in Breeders
MALAYSIA - Livestock breeders here are worried because Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) has resurfaced and killed more than 20 cattle in the past two months. ...
10 September 2008
View news from Malaysia Ample Supplies of Meat and Eggs for this Season
MALAYSIA - Consumers need not worry about shortages of meat and poultry during the festive season as the Veterinary Services Department has taken steps to ensure that supplies of chicken, beef, mutton and eggs meet the additional demand during the Hari...
09 July 2008
View news from Malaysia Indian Maize Ban Affects Kuala Lumpur
MALAYSIA - The livestock industry in Kuala Lumpur is bracing itself for a shortage of feed following the Indian Government’s decision to ban the export of maize....
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