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09 September 2009
View news from Japan Imported Beef Expands Japan’s Beef Consumption
JAPAN - Japan consumed 75,320 tonnes (boneless equivalent) of beef in July, up 14 per cent from last year, powered by a strong recovery in imported beef volumes....
04 August 2009
View news from Japan Carcass Weight: The Secret of Chromosome Six
JAPAN - An area of chromosome 6 that affects cattle carcass weight has been identified using two different Japanese species. ...
23 July 2009
View news from Japan Japan Suspends Imports from US Beef Plant
US - The government said Wednesday it has suspended beef imports from a U.S. plant after two packages of chilled beef were found to contain spinal columns, a risk material for mad cow disease....
29 June 2009
View news from Japan Iowa, Nebraska Producers Team Up for Trade Mission
JAPAN - A delegation of six producers representing the Iowa Beef Industry Council, the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, the Nebraska Beef Council and the Nebraska Corn Board has arrived in Tokyo for a trade mission organised by the US Meat Export Federation...
29 May 2009
View news from Japan Japanese Dairy Hungry for DDGS
JAPAN - About four years ago the U.S. Grains Council, in collaboration with the local dairy industry and universities, introduced distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) to the Japanese region through a DDGS feeding trial. ...
28 May 2009
View news from Japan OIE Eases Japan's Status
JAPAN — The world animal health body OIE said on Tuesday it had eased Japan's status on bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease to “controlled risk,” a move that should boost meat trade with the Asian country. ...
24 April 2009
View news from Japan Practical Application of DDGS in Feed Under Study
JAPAN - Distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS), a co-product of US ethanol production, is a valuable feed ingredient the US Grains Council has been working to promote in Japan and around the world....
26 March 2009
View news from Japan Japanese Farm Households Turning From Dairy
JAPAN - The Japan Dairy Council, an organization comprising dairy-related and raw milk producing groups across the country, predicts about 1,240 farm households in all prefectures except Hokkaido will cease raising cows this year....
13 March 2009
View news from Japan Japan Cites Safety of Cloned Meat
JAPAN - Beef and pork products from somatic cell-cloned cows, pigs and their offspring are as safe as those from conventionally bred ones, the Japanese government's food risk assessment body said in a draft report released yesterday....
08 January 2009
View news from Japan Paving the Way for Cloned Meat to Japanese Market
JAPAN - A Food Safety Commission working group likely will acknowledge the safety of meat from cloned cattle and swine in a report to the commission's higher panel, potentially paving the way for cloned meat to enter the market. ...
24 December 2008
View news from Japan Japan to Extend Safeguard Triggers
JAPAN - Japan’s Tariff and Foreign Exchange Council has recommended extending the current beef safeguard calculation for another year....
22 December 2008
View news from Japan Grass-fed Beef Promotion in Japan
JAPAN - Meat and Wool New Zealand has mounted a major New Zealand grass-fed beef promotion during December in the island chain of Okinawa, the southern-most prefecture in Japan....
15 December 2008
View news from Japan JBS Plant Banned from Exporting to Japan
JAPAN - The beef plant of JBS-Swift at Green Bay, has been banned from exporting meat to Japan....
11 November 2008
View news from Japan Real Value of Japan's One Trillion Yen BSE Tests
JAPAN - Questions about the effectiveness of Japan’s policy of testing 100 per cent of cattle for BSE were raised in a seminar hosted by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)....
30 October 2008
View news from Japan Japan Suspends Imports from Cargill
JAPAN - According to Agriculture Ministry official, the meatpacking plant has shipped a package of minced beef that is banned under current bilateral agreements....
03 September 2008
View news from Japan Marketing US Pork and Beef in Japan
JAPAN - Two members of the Nebraska Soybean Board’s (NSB) officer team have just completed a five-day trade mission through Japan....
08 August 2008
View news from Japan Japan Continues BSE Testing For all Cattle
JAPAN - Japan’s local authorities are continuing to voluntarily test for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) for all domestic cattle under 21 months of age, citing consumers’ lingering concerns on safety – this move comes despite the government...
14 July 2008
View news from Japan Local Japanese Agencies Continue BSE Testing Alone
JAPAN - All 77 of the nation's meat inspection stations plan to continue testing domestically slaughtered cattle aged 20 months or younger for mad cow disease after central government subsidies for the testing end in August, it was learned Friday. ...
13 May 2008
View news from Japan Wagyu: A Lesson in Marketing from Japan
JAPAN - Ever since the Japanese wagyu meat hit foreign shores its value has sky-rocketed. Wagyu, famous for the lavish upbringing of cattle, is now regarded as one of the highest quality meats in the world, a lesson that many producers are trying...
01 May 2008
View news from Japan SRM Discovered in US Shipment to Tokyo
JAPAN - Japan has announced the suspension of beef from a Californian beef plant after it was revealed that a recent shipment was contaminated with Specified Risk Material (SRM). ...
03 April 2008
View news from Japan Japan Studies the Safety of Cloned Meat
JAPAN - Unsatisfied with the recent reports that conclude that meat from cloned animals is safe, Japan has decided to conducts its own experiments. ...
14 March 2008
View news from Japan Prediction: 75,000 Tonnes Shipped from US to Japan
JAPAN - A recent report from the United States Department of Agriculture has said that US beef exports to Japan are expected to increase more than 60% by the end of the year....
12 March 2008
View news from Japan Japan's Low Methane Emission Cattle
JAPAN - Japanese scientists claim to have developed a new solution to prevent cows from releasing environmentally damaging methane into the atmosphere....
31 January 2008
View news from Japan Japanese Gate Price Standstill Expected
JAPAN - Japan is expected to continue with the current method of calculating its beef import safeguard into Japan fiscal year (JFY) 2008, according to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service....
14 January 2008
View news from Japan "Unsafe" U.S. Beef May Have Been Sold in Japan
JAPAN - U.S. beef that does not meet Japanese safety regulations has been imported into the country and some may have been already sold to consumers, the Japanese government said on late on Saturday. ...
11 January 2008
View news from Japan China Wants Japan Beef Smuggling to End
JAPAN - The Chinese government has asked Japan to take appropriate steps to prevent travelers from smuggling Japanese beef into China, according to sources....
09 January 2008
View news from Japan Japan Set to Keep Safeguard Level
JAPAN - Japan's Ministry of Finance (MOF) has recommended an extension to the current safeguard trigger levels for imported beef to cover the Japanese 2008 Financial Year (JFY) (April 2008 to March 2009)....
16 November 2007
View news from Japan Japanese Cattle Farmers Are Highly Subsidized
JAPAN - Farmers may be surprised to hear of Japanese farmers enjoying help on capital and subsidy from government to put up and run their own cattle farms. ...
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