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24 October 2012
View news from Indonesia Indonesia Dairy Imports to Grow
INDONESIA - Dairy imports into Indonesia are set to increase, due to political stability, continued economic growth, per capita consumption growth, increased consumer health awareness, and an increasing capacity for local diary and food processors....
23 October 2012
View news from Indonesia Easier Access for US Dairy Exports to Indonesia
INDONESIA - In April 2011, Embassy Jakarta’s Office of Agricultural Affairs (OAA) assisted in securing the release of 43 containers of non-fat dry milk (NFDM). The shipments were detained by Indonesian port officials due to widespread confusion regarding...
15 August 2012
View news from Indonesia Indonesia Considers FMD Zone-Free Imports
INDONESIA - Indonesia is looking at changing the regulations for the imports of frozen beef and live cattle, to allow imports from nations that have FMD-free zones. ...
18 April 2012
View news from Indonesia Fonterra to Invest in Plant in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Fonterra has announced plans to invest in a blending and packing plant in Indonesia to help support the growing demand for high quality dairy nutrition in Indonesia. The investment will support the local expansion of Fonterra’s consumer...
30 March 2012
View news from Indonesia Nestle Develops Dairy in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Nestle is looking to increase milk production in East Java, whilst at the same time establishing two biogas projects, recycling cattle manure into energy....
17 February 2012
View news from Indonesia Price Hike for Indonesian Cattle
INDONESIA - Indonesian farmers say the price of Indonesian cattle has gone up by 20 per cent since the Government announced restrictions on imports from Australia....
17 November 2011
View news from Indonesia Indonesia On Track For Economic Growth
INDONESIA - Indonesia has emerged as one of the leading Asian countries for economic growth post-global financial crisis and looks set to lead the Southeast Asian growth story for the next decade, according to a new Rabobank report. ...
29 September 2011
View news from Indonesia 2012 Beef Imports To Be Reduced To 20 Per Cent
INDONESIA - The Ministry of Agriculture has said that it will begin to reduce the number of live beef cattle imported into the country, as local supplies begin the increase. Starting next year, imports of cows to Indonesia will be capped at 20 per cent...
14 April 2011
View news from Indonesia Processors Fear Closure If Imports Don't Increase
INDONESIA - Indonesian processors say they will have to close if more beef is not brought into the country....
10 August 2010
View news from Indonesia Ministry In Talks About Indonesian Beef Restrictions
INDONESIA - The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it's concerned about Indonesia's decision to restrict imports of Australian boxed beef and live cattle exports....
13 May 2010
View news from Indonesia Indonesia To Cut Meat Imports
INDONESIA - With an increasing focus on self-sufficiency, a Ministry of Agriculture official has said that the Indonesian government is trying to cut meat imports by 10 per cent each year, so that they achieve meat self-sufficiency by 2014....
26 February 2010
View news from Indonesia Indonesia Planning To Ban Offal Imports
INDONESIA - The Indonesian Agriculture Ministry last week announced that it plans to ban imports of beef offal as part of its’ move towards beef self-sufficiency. ...
19 November 2009
View news from Indonesia Aussie Cattle Sector Fortifies Position in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Meat & Livestock is committed to opening an office in Jakarta by the end of the year, in recognition of the strong and growing trade of Australian cattle and beef with Indonesia. ...
08 June 2009
View news from Indonesia Beef Containers Held up at Indonesian Port
INDONESIA - Beef producers in New Zealand and Australia are anxiously waiting to see what will happen to containers of beef being held up at Indonesia's ports....
13 May 2009
View news from Indonesia DNA Analysis Reveals the Story of the Zebu
INDONESIA - DNA analysis shows that Indonesian zebu cattle have a unique origin with banteng (Bos javanicus) as part of their ancestry....
28 April 2009
View news from Indonesia Indonesian Insemination Programme Ups Numbers
INDONESIA - As part of an insemination program, the Bali Husbandry Agency has prepared 90,000 doses of cow's sperm in the hopes of producing 85,000 cows, or 10 percent more than yielded in last year's programme....
22 April 2009
View news from Indonesia Cows for the Poor: Breeding Programme Begins
INDONESIA - The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) provincial administration will provide at least 10,000 cows to impoverished farmers this year through the rolling credit scheme in a bid to help accelerate the Bumi Sejuta Sapi (a million cattle breeding) programme....
05 January 2009
View news from Indonesia Oz Cattle and Indonesian Appetite Break Records
AUSTRALIA - Indonesian demand for Australian cattle has started the year with a record all time high, helping the industry shrug off concerns over the economic crisis....
14 October 2008
View news from Indonesia Indonesia Delay Plans to Import Brazilian Beef
INDONESIA - The results of a study by the Independent Risk Analysis Team has concluded that Indonesia does not have the required facilities and infrastructure to detect and prevent potential mouth and nail (PMK) diseases in cattle. Therefor the government’s...
02 September 2008
View news from Indonesia Middle East Demand Attracts Indonesian Interest
INDONESIA - Responding to the demand for beef in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Indonesia says it is ready to export to Middle Eastern countries....
29 August 2008
View news from Indonesia Record Figures from Hungry Indonesia
INDONESIA - Increasing consumer demand for beef driven by a growing economy, combined with growth in feedlot infrastructure has contributed to record live cattle exports from Australia to Indonesia during the 2007-08 fiscal year just completed....
08 May 2008
View news from Indonesia Brazilian Beef Brings Concern to Indonesia
INDONESIA - A plan to begin importing Brazilian beef into Indonesia has sparked concern amongst cattle farmers due to fears of over foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) - which has killed millions of cattle worldwide....
27 December 2007
View news from Indonesia Government Focus Wrong - Not Cutting Poverty
INDONESIA - A group of economists has criticized the government for failing to implement an effective and pro-poor economic policy despite improving the country's macro economic situation...
22 November 2007
View news from Indonesia Government Battling Genetic Pollution In Cattle
JAKARTA - Bali cattle are raised in a free roaming environment, eat natural food, and adapt well to seasonal changes. ...
19 June 2007
View news from Indonesia Indonesia Approves Canadian Beef Imports
INDONESIA - Indonesia has approved the import of beef products from five Canadian slaughterhouses after the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) put Canada under "controlled-risk" status for mad cow disease, an official said on Monday. ...
29 September 2006
View news from Indonesia Medan imports Aussie beef
SUMATRA - Increased demand for beef during the fasting month of Ramadhan and the upcoming Idul Fitri celebration has prompted Medan city administration to import cows from Australia. ...
View news from Indonesia Dry weather forcing Indonesian cattle feedlots to cart water
INDONESIA - The Islamic festival of Ramadan is under way and a prolonged dry in Indonesia is forcing some cattle feedlots to cart water. ...
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