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22 June 2016
View news from China Friesland Campina Aims to Expand Dairy Sales in China
CHINA - Dutch dairy business Friesland Campina is planning to expand operations in China, including traditional and online markets in both cities and rural areas....
08 June 2016
View news from China China Lifts Ban on Bovine, Ovine Products from Denmark, France, Germany and UK
CHINA - China has confirmed that it is lifting its import ban introduced four years ago on bovine & ovine genetic material from Denmark, France, Germany and United Kingdom due to Schmallenberg virus....
01 June 2016
View news from China Foot and Mouth Reports: Cattle Affected in China, Angola, South Africa
GLOBAL - Three countries have reported outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease affecting cattle in the last few months....
23 May 2016
View news from China China's Dairy Demand Could be Abating
CHINA - Following on from a 40 per cent increase in dairy imports in Q1 of 2016, there are suggestions that China is entering a ‘cooling off period’, AHDB Dairy has reported....
21 April 2016
View news from China New Rules for Online Sales in China Cause Confusion in Dairy Trade
CHINA - Efforts to crack down on China’s cross-border online selling platforms has led to confusion in the trade of dairy products, according to UK levy board AHDB Dairy....
26 February 2016
View news from China China's Dairy Imports Growing Again
CHINA - Imports of all dairy products into China have shot up in January 2016, an overall increase of 51 per cent in volume over the same month last year, the Irish Farmers' Association (IFA) National Dairy Committee Chairman Sean O’Leary revealed....
08 January 2016
View news from China Nutriad Expands in China
CHINA - Global producer of feed additive solutions Nutriad is expanding its commercial team in China, as it announced the appointment of Mr Jim Zeng as National Sales Manager. ...
16 December 2015
View news from China Investment in Chinese Dairy Farms Decreases
CHINA - A change in market forces is starting to have an impact on dairy expansion in China, according to reports from UK dairy levy board AHDB Dairy....
08 December 2015
View news from China China to Help Africa Modernise Agriculture
CHINA - The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has announced that China is starting major operations to help people in Africa modernise agriculture, among other cooperation projects....
24 November 2015
View news from China China's New Cloning Centre to Produce 100K Cattle Embryos a Year
CHINA - Chinese scientists have signed a deal to establish the largest commercial animal cloning centre in the world, in the northern port city of Tianjin....
20 November 2015
View news from China Resistance to 'Last-Resort' Antibiotic Found in China
CHINA - Scientists in China have found increased levels of resistance to an antimicrobial drug used when other drugs have failed, according to a report in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases....
19 November 2015
View news from China Glowing Nanotubes Can Show When Meat Has Spoiled
CHINA - Researchers from China have shown it is possible to detect the deterioration of meat by using flurorescent nanotubes....
17 November 2015
View news from China China to Develop Animal Welfare Standards
CHINA - Chinese veterinarians have started drafting the country's first welfare standard for the farming and slaughter of livestock and poultry, according to the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)....
02 November 2015
View news from China Dutch, Chinese to Collaborate on Improving Dairy Supply Chain
CHINA - Chinese and Dutch food officials met last week to discuss collaboration on knowledge exchange in the dairy industry....
View news from China China Needs Cold Chain Improvement to Meet Food Demand
CHINA - The new railway from Chongqing to Rotterdam provides exciting new opportunities for European producers to meet Chinese food demand, but improvement of cold chains to ensure perishable food safety is needed, leading agricultural bank Rabobank has...
23 October 2015
View news from China China Begins Imports of Australian Live Cattle
CHINA - The first shipment of Australian live cattle arrived in China on Wednesday, as part of a landmark deal that opens the doors to China's huge beef market for Australian farmers....
07 October 2015
View news from China China's New Diet Demands a Global Food Chain
CHINA - The changing diet of the Chinese population means that self-sufficiency is no longer a viable aim for the country, according to a new report released by PwC....
01 October 2015
View news from China Chinese Dairy Company Resumes Trading After Chemical Scare
CHINA - China's Huishan Dairy Holdings Company has resumed trading after a pause due to allegations of milk contamination....
09 September 2015
View news from China China’s Live Cattle Trade Opens with 3,200 Australian Angus
CHINA – A shipment of 3,200 Angus breeding heifers have been sent to north eastern China in the wake of a live trade agreement signed between China and Australia....
07 September 2015
View news from China Chinese Developer Could Become Australia's Biggest Farmer
CHINA – Chinese real estate developer Shanghai Pengxin is set to become Australia’s largest farmland owner if two cattle company acquisitions get the green light....
25 August 2015
View news from China Chile Firm Opens Door for Beef to China
CHINA – China will buy a batch of frozen beef from a major Chilean meat processor this month, with two other containers scheduled for shipment in September....
04 August 2015
View news from China China Opens Beef Floodgates for Brazil
CHINA – The value of Brazilian beef exports to China are tipped to increase almost twenty fold from pre-BSE scare levels in 2012....
29 July 2015
View news from China More Ecological Requirements for Chinese Agriculture
US - China’s farmers must use less fertilizer and pesticide, the government has announced in a push for cleaner water by the year 2020....
24 July 2015
View news from China China Access “Ample Opportunity” For Australia Grassfed Producers
AUSTRALIA - Great opportunities lie ahead for grassfed beef producers across Australia following the recent live cattle protocol signed with China, says the Cattle Council of Australia....
20 July 2015
View news from China Frozen Yogurts in China: Niche market or Next Trend to Catch?
CHINA - Its not just dairy that is growing in China - its healthy dairy. ...
15 July 2015
View news from China Chinese Dairy Drinks Importer in Argentine Talks
CHINA – Talks are in place to increase the amount of dairy produce flowing from Argentina into the Chinese drinks market....
25 June 2015
View news from China How to Regain Consumer Trust in China’s Dairy Supply Chain
CHINA - Following some food safety scandals in China, the public there lost their trust in the food supply chain but Swiss-based food company, Nestlé, is helping to regain that trust, Jackie Linden reports. ...
22 June 2015
View news from China China Signs Off on 3,000 Tonne Indian Milk Powder Shipment
INDIA – China will start importing milk powder from Andhra Pradesh based Ongole Dairy for six months, with Indian media expecting shipments to increase further....
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