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08 June 2017
View news from Japan Overcoming Immune Suppression to Fight Against Bovine Leukemia
JAPAN - Bovine leukemia is a systemic, malignant lymphosarcoma in cows which is mainly caused by infection with a retrovirus, bovine leukemia virus (BLV)....
24 May 2017
View news from Japan Dairy Cows Serve as Surrogate Moms for Wagyu Beef Cattle
JAPAN - A start-up in Mie Prefecture is attempting to beef up the breeding of famed "wagyu" cattle through surrogate birthing by Holstein dairy cows in Hokkaido....
02 May 2017
View news from Japan Chinese Corn Returns to Japanese Livestock Farms After 7 Years
JAPAN - Japan imported China-grown corn for livestock feed for the first time since February 2010 in March in order to ease shortages, according to the Japanese Ministry of Finance....
17 April 2017
View news from Japan Japan Supermarket Trade Show Promotes US Meat
JAPAN - Working to get a head start on the summer menu preferences of Japanese consumers, USMEF offered tasting samples of American-style barbecue at Supermarket Trade Show 2017, an event sponsored by the New Supermarket Association of Japan in Chiba...
12 April 2017
View news from Japan Japanese Event Connects US Red Meat to Healthy Lifestyle
JAPAN - In response to a request by Spark, a leading Japanese regional supermarket chain, USMEF promoted the nutritional value of US pork and beef in a consumer event in Hiroshima. ...
20 March 2017
View news from Japan US Beef, Pork Showcased at Asia's Largest Food Show
JAPAN - As US exporters met with hundreds of buyers and representatives of Japan’s retail and foodservice industries at FoodEx Japan, USMEF promoted US red meat by serving samples of US beef tongue and thin-sliced and fried US pork cutlets aimed at...
07 March 2017
View news from Japan Japan Industry Officials Beef up Wagyu Logo
JAPAN - The Japan Livestock Industry Association has created a new logo for overseas promotion of wagyu beef that more clearly shows the meat was produced in Japan....
20 February 2017
View news from Japan Japan's Dairy Import Prices Soar Amid Output Cuts
JAPAN - Cheese and butter import prices are climbing as exporting nations in Oceania and Europe curtail production of raw milk, while the yen's weakness against the dollar could eventually have a ripple effect on domestic retail prices....
07 February 2017
View news from Japan US Red Meat Offered as Quality Option for Yakiniku Restaurants
JAPAN - USMEF participated in Tokyo’s Yakiniku Business Fair 2017, presenting US beef – including USDA Prime cuts and branded Angus products – as alternatives to domestic Japanese beef while showcasing US pork as an option for Japan’s many yakiniku...
31 January 2017
View news from Japan Australia to Resume Japanese Beef Imports
JAPAN - Australia looks set to lift a 16-year ban on imports of Japanese beef by the end of this year, now that the country's government has confirmed the meat is safe for human consumption....
27 January 2017
View news from Japan Japan's Dairy Prices Bounce Back
JAPAN - International dairy product prices have seen a rebound after farmers in Europe and New Zealand curbed production in the face of price falls in 2015-2016, resulting in an easing of global oversupply....
25 January 2017
View news from Japan Farm in Ex-evacuation Fukushima Area Ships Milk Again
JAPAN - A dairy farm near the disaster-struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan began shipping raw milk again yesterday....
23 December 2016
View news from Japan Japanese Group to Sell Stakes in Chinese Farm, Dairy Outfits
JAPAN - Asahi Group Holdings will unload its shares in a dairy company and farm business in China, as it realigns its assets to focus on strategic growth fields....
01 September 2016
View news from Japan More Cows Give Birth at Full Moon
JAPAN - A popular belief that there is a higher number of births around the full moon has been shown to be true for dairy cows by a group of University of Tokyo researchers....
09 February 2016
View news from Japan Japan Lifts Ban on Imports of Danish Beef
JAPAN - Japan lifted its long-term ban on Danish beef based on an alleged risk of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) on 2 February 2016....
02 December 2015
View news from Japan Beef Import Values Increase in Japan
JAPAN - Beef imports in Japan registered a reduction in volume this year compared to last year, largely due to the fall in US shipments, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have reported....
04 December 2014
View news from Japan New Biomin Web Site Now Available in Japanese
JAPAN - Biomin has now launched a Japanese version of the new corporate web site....
22 August 2014
View news from Japan Upward Pressure Exerted on Japanese Beef Prices
JAPAN - Tight exportable beef supplies in Australia and the United States and the continued decline of Japanese beef production are exerting upward pressure on Japanese beef prices....
13 June 2014
View news from Japan Japan’s Beef Inventories Up 23 Per Cent
JAPAN – Beef inventories have strengthened in Japan this spring, according to the latest supply and demand data by the Agriculture and Livestock Industries Corporation (ALIC)....
22 May 2014
View news from Japan Japanese Cattle Numbers Falling
JAPAN – Japan’s cattle population contracted by 2.5 per cent last year as a range of factors combined to put pressure on farms....
05 May 2014
View news from Japan US Beef Imports to Japan Up
JAPAN - Japan custom-cleared 36,847 tonnes of beef in March, down nine per cent year-on-year, with a large decline in imports of Australian frozen beef partially offset by a surge in US shortplate volumes according to data from Japan’s Ministry of Finance....
11 April 2014
View news from Japan Australian Beef Exports to Japan Ease in March
JAPAN - The improved US beef access since February 2013 has been impacting Australian trade with Japan, which continued to be the case during March, according to Meat and Livestock Australia....
12 February 2014
View news from Japan Japan Increases Wagyu Beef Exports
JAPAN - Japan exported 909 tonnes of beef in 2013, up 5.3 per cent from the previous year and the highest annual total on record according to data from Japan’s Ministry of Finance....
11 November 2013
View news from Japan Message of European Food Quality Heads to Japanese and Koreans
JAPAN – The quality of European agricultural products is being promoted by EU Commission visits to Japan and South Korea this week....
04 November 2013
View news from Japan Water Footprint Guide Announced at Yokohama World Dairy Summit
JAPAN - A method of calculating dairy farming’s water footprint has been revealed at the World Dairy Summit by conference organisers, the International Dairy Federation (IDF)....
03 June 2013
View news from Japan Japan Monitors Beef Import Volumes
JAPAN - Japan’s beef imports for April are forecast to reach 18,800 tonnes for chilled up by 11 per cent year-on-year and 23,100 tonnes up by 14 per cent for frozen beef, according to the Agriculture and Livestock Industries Corporation of Japan. ...
24 April 2013
View news from Japan USMEF Chief Hails Trade Developments As Success So Far
US - The importance of the US - Japanese economic relationship, particularly as it relates to U.S. agriculture and red meat exports, was highlighted by US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) President and CEO Philip Seng in an address before a packed media...
22 April 2013
View news from Japan NFU Hails WFO Trade Policy Adoption
JAPAN - National Farmers Union (NFU) is applauding the World Farmers Organisation (WFO) for adopting its first policy on international trade. The historic policy was adopted during the WFO’s third General Assembly in Niigata, Japan this week....
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