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29 May 2018
View news from Japan Australia Finally Lifts Ban on Japanese Beef Imports
JAPAN - Australia lifted a 17-year-old ban on Japanese beef imports Tuesday, Japan's agriculture ministry announced the same day....
01 May 2018
View news from Japan New Cooking Methods for US Pork, Beef Shared at Japanese Trade Show
JAPAN - Introducing Japanese customers to new cooking methods for US pork and beef, USMEF participated in the Supermarket Trade Show, one of the largest food industry exhibitions in Japan. ...
06 April 2018
View news from Japan Unraveling Immunopathogenesis of Johne's Disease
JAPAN - A research team has unraveled the immunopathogenesis of Johne's disease, a chronic bovine disease that has caused endemics in Japan and many other countries, placing financial burdens on cattle farmers....
16 March 2018
View news from Japan New Concepts for US Beef, Pork Dishes Highlighted at Foodex Japan
JAPAN - Noting that booming meat demand among Japanese consumers continues to gain momentum, USMEF seized the opportunity by introducing new and unique US beef and pork dishes at Asia’s largest food trade show. ...
07 March 2018
View news from Japan 'Pound Steak' Campaign Designed to Increase US Beef Sales
JAPAN - With a goal of increasing the volume of US beef sold at the retail level in Japan, USMEF shared a new merchandising idea during a seminar for foodservice buyers and restaurant owners. ...
27 December 2017
View news from Japan Japan to Lift 17-year Beef Import Ban from Uruguay
JAPAN - Japan is planning to lift a ban on beef imports from Uruguay next year, ending a more than 17-year embargo following the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the South American nation in 2000, according to government sources....
29 November 2017
View news from Japan More Japanese Livestock Farmers Using Feed Rice
JAPAN - While consumption of rice has been declining in Japan, the use of feed rice is on the rise, giving added value to livestock products in some regions....
06 November 2017
View news from Japan Grand Hyatt Tokyo Develops Original Keyakizaka Beef
JAPAN - The Grand Hyatt Tokyo has introduced Keyakizaka beef, an original beef developed by Keyakizaka’s Chef de Cuisine Yoshinobu Honda, in collaboration with Takeuchi Farm in Akiruno, which is the only farm that exists in Tokyo. ...
23 October 2017
View news from Japan Promotions Bump Sales of US Pork, Beef at Japanese Supermarkets
JAPAN - Reaching consumers interested in trying new cuts of US pork and beef at a special celebration of meat, USMEF partnered with a major supermarket chain to conduct a "Meat Day" sales promotion in Japan....
17 October 2017
View news from Japan Japan, US Officials to Discuss Beef Import Safeguards
JAPAN - Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso and US Vice President Mike Pence were set to discuss Tokyo’s recent safeguard tariff increase against US frozen beef in their economic talks on Monday in Washington....
09 October 2017
View news from Japan Little Chance of Deal on US Beef in Upcoming Talks with Japan
JAPAN - With little room to maneuver ahead of this month's general election, Japan will play up energy and infrastructure as areas for cooperation with the US in upcoming economic talks while trying to deflect American pressure on beef import restrictions....
29 September 2017
View news from Japan US Beef Imports to Japan Down in August; Rise in Aussie Shipments
JAPAN - Imports of frozen beef from the United States in August dropped 26 per cent from a year earlier, following Tokyo’s introduction of a safeguard measure, according to the agriculture ministry....
25 September 2017
View news from Japan Talk of Lifting Japan’s Ban on British Beef Gives Hope to UK Firms
JAPAN - Succulent cuts of prime British beef could be back on menus in Japan as early as next year after a team of Japanese government officials carried out an inspection of UK beef production controls in mid-July. This was more than 20 years after the...
21 September 2017
View news from Japan Mitsui Enters Indonesian Dairy Market to Milk Growing Demand
JAPAN - Mitsui & Co. is getting into the dairy business in Indonesia, where demand for such products is rising along with incomes, through local food producer ABC Group. ...
14 September 2017
View news from Japan Surging Imports Mean Lean Times for Beef Producers in Japan
JAPAN - Japan in August raised tariffs on US beef to limit surging imports. But roughly one month on, the measure does not appear to be helping domestic producers as buyers such as restaurants switch from US products to imports from other countries....
21 August 2017
View news from Japan Japanese Beef Buyers May Get Frozen Out by Tariff Hike
JAPAN - Japan's newly imposed emergency tariff on frozen American beef has raised a question about the wisdom of hanging on to a relic of a bygone trade framework when securing enough beef to meet domestic demand could become a challenge amid the tightening...
16 August 2017
View news from Japan US Beef Prices Rise Further in Japan as Emergency Tariff Kicks in
JAPAN - Wholesale prices for US beef are climbing even higher in Japan, fed by the country's new additional tariff on American frozen beef as well as continued robust demand from restaurants....
09 August 2017
View news from Japan New Farm Minister Not Interested in Rethink of US Beef Import Curbs
JAPAN - Ken Saito, newly appointed minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, says he is not considering rethinking the country’s safeguard emergency import restriction system for beef, which has been criticized by the United States....
04 August 2017
View news from Japan Finance Minister to Discuss Frozen Beef Import Tariffs with US
JAPAN - Finance Minister Taro Aso said Tuesday that Tokyo would raise the issue of tariffs on frozen beef imports from the United States and other countries in bilateral economic talks with Washington later this year....
01 August 2017
View news from Japan Japan’s Frozen Beef Safeguard Triggered in Q1 of Japanese Fiscal Year
JAPAN - The Japanese government released its June import figures for frozen beef. From this data, it now is clear that imports during the first quarter (1 April - 30 June) of Japan’s fiscal year, from the United States and other countries covered under...
28 July 2017
View news from Japan Frozen Beef Tariff Plan Sends Chill Down Retailers' Spines
JAPAN - Domestic retailers are concerned over the government’s planned safeguard measure for frozen beef, as it will likely hit the nation’s restaurants and supermarkets hard....
24 July 2017
View news from Japan Marubeni Seeks Juicier Cut of China Market with $170m US Beef Deal
JAPAN - Marubeni has added a US beef processor to its portfolio, anticipating greater exports to China after Beijing lifted a long-standing ban on meat from American cattle in June....
18 July 2017
View news from Japan Taiwan to Conditionally Lift 16-year-old Import Ban on Japanese Beef
JAPAN - Taiwan has decided in principle to lift a ban since 2001 on beef imported from Japan, action taken following the discovery there of cattle with mad cow disease, the Food and Drug Administration said in a statement posted Monday on its website....
12 July 2017
View news from Japan EU Free Trade Deal Likely to Hurt Japan’s Dairy Farmers
JAPAN - The economic partnership agreement between the European Union and Japan comes as a corrective to the rising wave of protectionism in the United States and Britain but could deal a blow to Japanese dairy farmers and wineries, experts say....
06 July 2017
View news from Japan Dairy Industry Likely to Get More Aid After EPA Deal with EU
JAPAN - Japan is expected to boost subsidies and other assistance to dairy farmers after reaching a broad accord on its economic partnership agreement with the European Union, informed sources say....
30 June 2017
View news from Japan Image Analysis, Artificial Intelligence to Change Dairy Farming
JAPAN - Dairy farmers are busy with routines such as cleaning cowsheds, milking, and feeding, so it's very difficult to determine the condition of cows. If this continues, they will remain too busy to ensure the quantity and quality of milk and dairy...
29 June 2017
View news from Japan US Beef Wholesale Prices Soar in Japan on Fatter Demand
JAPAN - Prices of American beef used in meals like beef bowls and shabu-shabu hot pot have jumped in Japan amid strong demand here and a soaring appetite for the meat in the US....
23 June 2017
View news from Japan Japan May Set Tariff-free Quota for EU Beef Under EPA
JAPAN - Japan is considering setting a tariff-free import quota for beef from European Union member states, as requested by the EU in the two sides’ negotiations on an economic partnership agreement for free trade, informed sources told Jiji Press on...
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