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21 November 2017
View news from Cuba French Development Agency Finances Cattle Raising Project in Camaguey
CUBA - Cuban authorities and the French Development Agency (AFD) signed a credit agreement to finance a cattle raising development project in the province of Camaguey for €25 million....
13 February 2017
View news from Cuba Investment in Cattle Sector in Province of Villa Clara
CUBA - The province of Villa Clara has begun an investment process in the cattle sector with the installation of 50 turbines to extract deep water sites with an investment process in the cattle sector which includss 86 new pumps....
19 August 2010
View news from Cuba Better Prices & Less Red Tape Boost Beef Production
CUBA - Government measures to boost the production of beef, which included a substantial increase in purchasing prices from private farmers, have translated in a steady growth in the first six months of 2010....
03 April 2009
View news from Cuba Cuba Asks to Join International Mad Cow Project
CUBA - Cuba has requested to be included in a project of the Agricultural and Food Organization (FAO) that is seeking to prevent mad cow disease. ...
22 April 2008
View news from Cuba Cuba Helps Improve Cattle Herd in Vietnam
CUBA - A Cuba-funded facility for researching and producing frozen bull semen has opened the way for Vietnam to develop its cattle herd, contributing to the country's poverty reduction and agricultural restructuring, said a local agricultural expert....
21 March 2008
View news from Cuba Milk Production in Camagüey benefits from rains, water storage
CUBA - The dry summer season, that in the past has caused local milk production to crash has passed this year without too many problems, thanks to new the water storage arrangements, reports Gualveris Rosales Sánchez....
18 March 2008
View news from Cuba Cuba to Lift Ban on Farmers Supplies
CUBA - Reports from Cuba indicate that it has lifted a ban on some farmers buying supplies. ...
27 December 2007
View news from Cuba Cuban Deputies Vote to Increase Animal Fodder
HAVANA - Cuba is working to consolidate its food security with increased national production and better use of the land, to remove it from the high prices of the international market. ...

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