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OCA: Cattle Market Report

22 January 2013

CANADA – This is a summary of cattle trading activities across Canada from various sources from the Ontario Cattleman’s Association.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Brussels stocker trade saw steady calves and yearling sales to the week’s decline. Average steer prices were: 500-599lb:161.24/ 600-699lb: 139.26. Average heifer prices were 500-599lb: 134.46/ 600-699:125.02.

The veal sale at Ontario Stockyards saw 70 calves sold on a barely steady market. Heavy calves ranged 84-105.5 topping at 136.00 and lighter animals sold at 80-100.00 peaking at 106.00.

Kawartha cull sales saw cows sold at prices $1.00 cwt stronger, with all other classes of cattle moving on a steady trade. A throughput of 134 cows saw average price of CAN$64.71/cwt peaking at 75.00. Heavy bulls averaged 80.65 with best prices at 85.00.

Railgrade cattle values showed slight movement with A grade steers and heifers tightening down a dollar to range of CAN$202-203.00/cwt and 201-202.00.

Federal kill rates saw strong numbers. Grand total for week ending January 19 = 46,525 +24 per cent on the previous week -15 per cent on a year ago. Western slaughter totalled 34,801 + 21 per cent on last week and -12 per cent on a year ago. Eastern Slaughter came in a 11, 724 +35 per cent on last week and -23 per cent on a year ago.

Total live slaughter cattle exports for week ending January 5 read as 2,007, down a thousand on the previous week made up Steers and Heifers:336, Cows:1,469, Bulls:202.

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