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Unread October 25th, 2009, 20:31
ssc72 ssc72 is offline
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Default sick holstein bull calves- looking for suggestions

I am having no joy with a set of hot weather holstein bull calves. I got them at 3 days old in June & July, they were all kinda problem calves from the time we brought them home. They all got weaned and doing good, then about a week ago they started going downhill again, they have grey looking poop, and a bunch of it some ofthem are getting down and cant get back up on thier own once we do get them up they walk around and eat and everything. they will chase me around for feed and act good. They do not look dehydrated but they are just getting skinnyer and skinnyer. I gave them all la200 when i first noticed they looked sick, then a couple days later they werent gettin anybetter so i dosed them all with draxxon. I have been putting electolytes in their drinking water and gave them all a shot of Bo Se. today i also gave them a shot of Baytryll .I am at my wits end and dont know what else to do, we are taking one to the vet tomorrow, but would still appreaciate any advice anyone can give. I have raise 150 to 200 head of steer calves a year for the last 6 years and have never seen anything like this before.
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Unread November 1st, 2009, 23:33
pnwcowboy pnwcowboy is offline
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First let me say Im not a vet , but I doctor and walk 5,000 hutches everyday so i see and hear alot , been Dr for ten yrs. I believe the stool u are seeing is rota corona virus or coccidiosis i could be wrong , but u should pay close attention to all the symptoms u are seeing they re all related somehow for instantance you have a calf thats showing light respitory, runny wet nose , and bunched up in apearance u might want to go with something thats not such a harse treatment like LS-50 ,penicillin,and banamine as one treatment ,i personally feel draxxon is to much kick for pre-weaned calves period, Nu-flor should be top of the line pre- weaned and LA- 200 causes immflamtion use bio mycin or ask ur supply store for an alternative oxy... to LA. And follow up next day with same treatment regardless if calf looks healthy or not to keep the possibility of a relapse from happening ,unless it shows signs of bein in worse shape i.e.heavy breathing then you want to add to regime Nu-flor for example. In my opinion banamine (which is asprin based injectable) is the most important drug on the farm if the animal doesnt eat its cause it dont feel well same as you when ur sick, except for it will eventually die regardless how many times you give it electrolytes.As far as for the stool try UAA gel orally it gathers toxins and passes it thru the calf . in my opinion use UAA gel till u see the color of the UAA gel in the stool . Hope this helps there's just so many possibilites here ,please feel free to contact me im curious to see what ur vet says.
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