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Hi all,
Just to share my own views . . .
I currently also own/run a cow forum with about 44 members and must admit it is very hard to find new members, especially those who will post on a regular basis. There are times when we can have no posts and then suddenly a flood.
I find the best way is if I post as said above, it encourages others who then reply, all in all any forum is only as good as it's members and will thrive or die depending on their goodwill and attendance.
There are many other forums that offer cow advice, it seems to be a well catered for niche market and dependant on member loyalty.
I find the amount of spam posters on here a very big turn-off although to admins credit they are removed fairly quickly.
I am an ex-herdsman with many years experience and would gladly help out where I can if required.
I like this place and would like to see it grow and try and post whenever possible, if we all do the same and tell our friends who knows ?
Here's to 2010 !
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